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  1. cbi1000

    Sold Joesph Pechauer 1 of 1

    All done.
  2. cbi1000

    Using white glue for leather wraps?

    So I installed anther leather wrap over the weekend and as usual I used contract cement. However this time I had a tough time fighting the cc. Didn't want to setup correctly, not sure if it was the cc, they thinner, the humidity, or everything. Not to mention the smell. Anyway, I remember...
  3. cbi1000

    Pechauer rogue 12.4mm

    Used Pechauer Rogue 12.4mm carbon fiber shaft. Mint condition New Kamui Brown Medium tip Piloted joint - Prchauer Pro Series Will also fit a cue with a piloted 5/16 14 pin. Free Shipping (USA only) Venmo or PayPay (add 4% if not using FF) $sold
  4. cbi1000

    Jerry WcWorter contact number

    Does anyone have Jerry's contact number? I have sent a couple mails over and haven't received any response. I was thinking about giving him a call. thanks
  5. cbi1000

    Lets see some cues with blue veneers

    I'm about to place an order for a new cue. I'm considering using blue veneers. Lets see what's out there. thanks,
  6. cbi1000

    Mike Capone cues, opinions needed

    I'm considering ordering a Capone cue. Has anyone owned one? Thoughts? Thanks,
  7. cbi1000

    Pechauer Rogue Shafts

    I have 4 Pechauer Rogue shafts for sale, 2 are new and 2 are used. 1 NEW 11.8 with Pro Series Joint (will also fit an 5/16 14 piloted joint). SOLD 1 NEW 12.4 with Pro Series Joint (will also fit an 5/16 14 piloted joint). SOLD 1 USED 12.4 with Pro Series Joint (will also fit an 5/16 14...
  8. cbi1000

    Predator 25th anniversary cue CP PRE LE CAT 1

    Predator 25th anniversary cue CP PRE LE CAT 1 12.4 revo shaft (I can swap out to a 12.9) Cue is new, 100% mint, never hit a ball. Comes with soft case, the limited 1x1 hard case, wipes. $sold I accept PayPal (add 4% if not using friends and family), major credit cards (add 2.5%) I’ll cover...
  9. cbi1000

    Mosconi cup - Tickets available?

    I’m looking for one of the 4 day Mosconi Cup ticket passes with a good view. Match room only has a few 4 day passes left but they are all near the top of the stadium. No way could i see the table from there. For those who have attended the MC, are all the seats pretty good? Thanks,
  10. cbi1000

    Looking for contact info for Justin from TAR

    Looking for contact info for Justin from TAR Tks
  11. cbi1000

    wrap groove too low

    So I have a customer who wants a new leather wrap. I took off the old wrap and find the wrap groove is pretty shallow. The new leather wrap is lower than the finish at the A joint. Like a lot.... What is the best way to resolve this issue? Are you guys building up the groove with epoxy or...
  12. cbi1000

    Cue building videos

    All 10 for $120 shipped USA All 10 are in excellent shape and play perfectly. Tks
  13. cbi1000

    14'4" x 18'2", big enough???

    I am searching, but still asking.... So I am buying a new home, New room is 14'4" x 18'2". I currently have a 7' diamond pro am and know it will fit, BUT, I'm considering selling and buying a diamond 9'... Opinions? Thanks
  14. cbi1000

    WTB - Unique cue maker

    Anyone have one for sale?
  15. cbi1000

    Zan tips

    Anyone here know where to get Zan tips at dealer pricing? I’m getting more and more customers who want me to carry and install them. Thanks.
  16. cbi1000

    Predator BK Rush

    For Sale: Brand new Predator BK Rush. Wrapless. Never hit a ball. $660 cash, PayPal +4% for fees, buyer to pay shipping. Thanks
  17. cbi1000

    Breaking down 7' diamond table?

    Sooooo, I'm considering buying a 9' GC 4.... But, At the moment I have a 7' Diamond ProAm I would need to move from my pool area within my house into my garage. I want to put the diamond there just in case I end up hating the big table and decide to sell it off an put the Diamond back. Now...
  18. cbi1000

    BK Rush - New, never hit a ball

    For Sale: Brand new BK Rush. Wrapless. Never hit a ball. Sold Buyer to pay shipping Thanks
  19. cbi1000

    Longasy tip feedback needed

    Anyone have experience with Longasy cue tips?
  20. cbi1000

    I guess case makers are all too busy for my $$

    I love when I have money to spend and I can't get people to return phone calls or emails. I have a theme for a case, it will need to be hand carved and painted. Truly be a one of a kind. I've either emailed or left vm's for a few case makers who I think can do the job, not a peep back....