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    Selling cues

    OK ... couple new folks on my 8ball team this session. Couple folks don't have cues. I am willing to lend one to a team member on league night,, but ... NOW ... selling. I'm willing to sell a few cues - not my good ones .. but decent. Does like 15% to 20% less than what I paid sound reasonable?
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    Joint Protectors

    I'm just curious as to how many of you use JPs. Back in the day when we had a local pool hall it was fairly common - but I joined a league last May - and almost nobody has them. So who uses?
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    Feel vs. Accuracy

    Do any of you have a cue or two that you really like the feel of - but you just don't seem to be as accurate with? Maybe I'm just an odd duck, but I'm in that boat. I really like the "feel" of my Predator and Lucasi cues (softish hit); but when it comes down to it I tend to shoot better with...
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    Make of gloves?

    I realize this was from a long time ago - but does anyone know what gloves Shane and Earl are using in this vid? (and which glove is which if you do know) Just curious - not sure I've seen either of those ones before.
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    The Mosconi Cup is like ...

    First - I'm aware of the "apple to oranges" thing, but I was just wondering what others thought (since everyone's been so quiet about it so far /sarcasm). Is the Mosconi Cup more like the Superbowl? ... or more like the All-Star game? Personally I see the US Open as the "Superbowl", and the...
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    Kudos to the cuemakers ATC forum

    I've had a few times where I've posted to a specific forum rather than this general one. Often there's just not a lot of feedback. I recently posted a question at the "Ask The Cuemakers" forum and was really (surprisingly) impressed with all the great quality feedback. Just wanted to give a...
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    I'm looking to have a cocobolo SP made, and I'm seeing 3 different joints that are common. I've emailed a few folks, but I'm not really getting much input Thought I'd try here at AZB, and see what you folks have to say. Normally I'd post to the main forum - but thought I'd try here first. 4...
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    new cue

    ok ... gonna (going to) order a custom Schmelke SP Monday. Now it's time to pick a custom cue maker for something ... 1k or under. I'm thinking: 1. Pat Diveney 2. Bob Frey 3. Chris Nitti 4. Keith Josey Granted that under 1k it's not going to be very fancy. Still - I trust the collective...
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    Stand up and break

    At 60 it's not often I try to change much about my game anymore, but I haven't been real happy with my break. I've checked my follow-through, moved around the table, etc. - but still not getting the results I'd like. So .. I sat and studied a few of the pros and how they broke. I noticed that...
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    Quincy IL

    I'm going to be headed there for a week to visit my lady friend. If anyone has somewhere around there they'd like to mention as far as a good place to play - let me know.:)
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    Favorite Music

    For those of you who like to listen to music while shooting - what are some of your favorite tunes? While The Beatles are probably my favorite group - it's not what's in my ear when I'm playin. Some come to mind pretty easy like Thorogood's "Bad to the Bone" (due to the vid), or maybe "Don't...
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    Time trying a cue

    Most of us have tried a friends cue .. a shaft. Maybe for a couple shots, maybe for a few racks. Sometimes we buy based on how it felt. Sometimes we adopt a "I don't like it" view. I'd be interested in any views here. Mine: I bought a Huebler back in late 70s early 80s. I was on really...
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    tips - backing questions

    I did ask this in the main forum and got what I considered a very good reply from Chuck Fields. Still - it was suggested that I ask here for any further details and explanation. So ... I noticed on Seyberts site that some tips are listed has having a backing - many are not. I also noticed the...
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    tips - backing questions

    I noticed on Seyberts site that some tips are listed has having a backing - many are not. I also noticed the "pads" they sell. (as do other sites). What is this backing? What does it do? What are the advantages? Disadvantages?
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    table mechanic

    southwest PA .. south west of Pittsburgh.
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    Shaft care help

    Hi folks, Ok - I recently picked up a cheap cue from a buddy of mine. It's an Earl Strickland Maximizer cue. (Yea - cheap cue, and I do have decent ones, but ...) Anyway - I was wondering about shaft care for this one. Looks like carbon fiber. It just doesn't have that smooth glass like feel...
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    OK .. pretty much decided on this as the brand to look too, so ... minor question: Other than the obvious, what's the difference between the red-dot ($10) and red-circle ($20) cue balls? Now the sets. Aramith CONTINENTAL BELGIAN - $50...
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    Vector cues

    First: I did do a search for both "vector cues" and "vector" throughout the whole forum, and didn't find this. I've recently gotten a couple emails about "sales" on these cues, and they're not a brand I recall. Anyone have any input on them? I'm guessing from the prices they're along the...
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    OB shafts

    Buy one. The variety is there. The quality is there. Buy. When it comes to a shaft - it's a personal choice. I've purchased and used a number of the OB shafts. TOP QUALITY: What do you want in a shaft? .... OB 1+ and 2+ ....really soft hit classic? ...firm hit. The OB shafts will stand...
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    To be honest, it's really not possible to do an all inclusive review of the Meucci cue. Just for some edification I'll throw in my experiences though. Back in the 80s Meucci was considered by many to be one of the best clubs going. In the 2000 - 2010 years they had a very bad reputation...