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  1. slayer

    Sold 5 CUES FOR SALE

    #1 SOLD #2 SOLD #3 SOLD#4#5 SOLD you can text for better pics 719-429-5403 Thanks Jim
  2. slayer

    Sold I have 4 cues for sale

    #1 cue is a paul drexler 6 point cue comes with 2 shafts both 13mm 1450.00 it would be best to call or text for more info 719-429-5403 Thanks Jim
  3. slayer

    Corpus Christi pool hall

    Hi I'm in corpus Christi for 3 months was wondering if anyone wants to play some will be heading to skinny Bob's for February 12-15 but anytime other than that text 719-429-5403 Thanks Jim
  4. slayer

    Looking for a Mottey

    Like it says want a Mottey cue 5/16x14 ss joint 4 point with veneres 2 shafts nothing under 12.75 have cash ready to buy Thanks send pics with discription email.
  5. slayer

    Ltb old white letter joss shaft

    Looking for old white lettering joss shaft PM or text 719-429-5403 Thanks Jim
  6. slayer

    WTB Orange Crush

    Hi looking to buy orange crush cue if you have one for sale PM or text 719-429-5403 thanks Jim
  7. slayer

    6 point wrapless KIKEL CUE

    6 point wrapless cue with cocobola and birdseye has birdseye rings and stars in every point has 2 shafts both 13mm it is 5/16x14 piloted joint butt weighs 14.5 and both shafts are 4.15 cue plays good asking 900.00 you can call or text 719-429-5403 Thanks Jim
  8. slayer

    KQ cue for sale

    KQ KIKEL cue for sale KQ cue has titlist points reversed ebony nose birdseye points has 5/16x14 ivory joint ivory ring birdseye windows in butt 2 shafts both 13mm with ivory ferrells weight is around 18.5oz great hitting cue Im asking sold
  9. slayer

    JMW for sale

    I have a James White cue has one shaft 12.8mm 29" long with 3/4" Ivory ferrule with red -pad med moori butt is piloted 5/16x14 pin, pau ferro forearm with birdseye points with 4 veneers maple brown green purple white with brown spec wrap everything rolls straight there are no problems looking...
  10. slayer

    2 cues fs jenson&james white

    Fs james white cue James white comes with one shaft 12.8 has 5/16x14 joint asking 1250.OBO for the White I hate to sell but some unforseen bills came about no trades please can email me or call 719-429-5403
  11. slayer

    test pics

    test pics of 2 cues for sale jenson and james white
  12. slayer

    2008 jensen cue

    I have a jensen cue for sale it has a crack in the ivory joint 5/16x14 piloted it comes with 2 shafts 12.75 & 13 both have ivory dots on barbells& gunsights are ivory I desined the cue and had Mike build it,its not even a year old and the joint cracked so I call him and he says I will have to...
  13. slayer


    just testing pics and quality
  14. slayer

    My New Jensen Arrived

    Pics of my new Jensen, Mike & June are two of the nicest people you could ever deal with. Mike promised the cue by May and even through his surgery cue was still done early. I cannot say enough about Mike and June, they are fantastic. Enjoy pictures. ( hopefully I can get them loaded). Jim need...
  15. slayer

    Deal With Runout1961

    Just to let people know the deal with runout1961 went very smooth He did what he said he was going to do THANKS, also would like to thank 8ballrat & fast&loose for their help hope I can return the favor Thanks Jim
  16. slayer

    Jensen 4 Pointer

    I have a Mike Johnson cue built in 2003 has been my main playing cue for years Mike called and my new cue is ready so this one has to go.Cue is around 19oz don't have a scale both shafts are 12.5 and both have ivory ferrule with new Karomi med tips cue rolls straight together and apart. This is...
  17. slayer

    great deal with kbooks3

    Just received the mottey cue Jeremy was selling and it was better than he said Great deal done perfectly great seller thanks again Jeremy. Jim
  18. slayer

    Carolina Cue

    carolina cue has one shaft 13mm has 5/16x14 pin cue plays great has med molavia tip got cue on trade deal asking 500.00 shipped in US Thanks Jim cue is on ebay item# 120216373812 I'm new to AZ not so new to ebay Give me a good offer CUE HAS BEEN SOLD