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  1. Samiel

    Back Pocket 9-Ball Finals

    Grady Matthews versus Mike Gulyassy came up on my feed today. Here's a really nice shot from Grady: Anyone play this game today?
  2. Samiel

    Using the bridge to make a bridge

    I saw this little gem today. Corey uses the mechanical bridge to stabilize his bridge hand. Has anyone seen this done anywhere else? Is it legal?
  3. Samiel

    100 Ball Runners - FargoRate

    For those of you who have run 100 balls, I'm curious to what your FargoRate is. I'm right around 600 Fargo and my high run is 59. I'm curious if there are many around my Fargo with 100 ball runs or not.
  4. Samiel

    Gambling Adjustment

    Hi all! I'm sure we've discussed this in the past, but now with the age of the Internet and FargoRate, maybe things are a little different. When you're gambling and if you're winning or losing, how and when do you adjust if at all? For example, let's say I'm playing a roughly even opponent...
  5. Samiel

    Endless Summer Nights

    This is the first time I've seen this video. What do you think about this moment 3:10 into it?
  6. Samiel

    Efren's Shirt Size

    Efren will be in town next week and I was hoping to get either a t-shirt or polo shirt made for him. Does anyone here know what shirt size he wears? My guess is a Large would be safe.
  7. Samiel

    Nicole Kidman is a pool shark? At the 00:51 mark it shows her pool table and she mentions her nickname is Pook Shark. Anybody know more?
  8. Samiel

    Fargo Ratings to Player Speed

    Maybe someone has this information somewhere, but how would we categorize Fargo Ratings to player speed? For example (ranges taken from Omega Billiards Tour handicapping, but I put in the category): Above 749: Pro 700-749: Shortstop 645-699: A 570-644: B 515-569: C 460-514: D Below 460...
  9. Samiel

    Name a billiard game where an amateur has a chance against a pro

    Can you name/describe a billiard game where a C Player has a decent chance against an A Player? It doesn't necessarily need to be a 50/50 chance, but maybe a game where everyone can have fun and maybe wager without it being overwhelmingly in the favor of the better player. I'll give an...
  10. Samiel

    It's raining 40s!

    Okay, it's not really, but so far this year, I've had at least 4 runs in the 40s (the highest being 48). It's a little frustrating to say the least since I've only run over 50 once. I think once I finish 3 racks I start to get a little tight and I start getting nervous. I think I need to...
  11. Samiel

    Break Cue

    When I started playing years ago, break cues didn't seem like they were a big thing, but now it seems like even the regular league players all have a break cue. I've owned a few myself and to be honest, I never really stuck with one long enough to learn how to put it to good use. Now I'm back...
  12. Samiel

    Another playing the ghost post...

    I always hear about people playing the ghost and heck, I've even posted in a few threads about it. I've never tried playing the ghost anything though, so I had a little free time this weekend and gave it a shot. I played the ghost 9-ball, race to 5. I got BIH after the break, all balls made...
  13. Samiel

    Dragon Themed Tooled Leather Case

    Hi all! A friend of mine wanted me to ask if anyone knew anything about a dragon themed tooled centennial leather case marked 4g 86? That's all the information I currently have.
  14. Samiel

    100% Cotton NOT Allowed?

    I was looking at the WPBA dress code for the upcoming RTC and noticed this... DRESS CODE This event will be WPBA dress code "A". Dress Slacks, skirts below the knee, or divided skirts below the knee, to be worn with coordinated tops and/or jackets, and dress shoes. 100% cotton is NOT allowed No...
  15. Samiel

    14.1 on an 8 foot table

    I'm curious if you play differently on an 8 foot table as opposed to a 9 foot one. Like do you play the break shots differently, end patterns differently or anything else for that matter? For some reason, I tend to scratch more on the classic break shot using follow off the side of the stack...
  16. Samiel

    Race to 9, factor the weight

    Here are two weight scenarios, both for 10-ball (call shot): 1. Getting BIH after the break on your break only 2. Getting all the breaks and the last two The game is 10-ball, call shot and the 10-ball does not count on the break and the race is to 9. Which weight is better to give/get? A...
  17. Samiel

    Finally, something over 40...

    I just wanted to share! :p I finally hit another 40+ last night (on an 8-footer). I was playing a friend and my run ended on a missed break shot. :( Previously, my high run had been a 43 (on a 9-footer), but I have been struggling to hit 40 again for a few years now. In league, I've hit a...
  18. Samiel

    Straight Pool Match Last Night

    I played a straight pool match last night and was feeling pretty good with me leading 120-something to 90-something in a race 150. Well, after I hung a ball in a pocket, my opponent proceeded to have his highest run ever, running 55 balls and then had an unlikely scratch on his break shot (a...
  19. Samiel

    Oh, the agony!

    I was playing in my Straight Pool League this past weekend and was on a run of 38 (possibly the high run for the League so far this season). On my 39th ball, I miscued! :( Anyhow, I just thought I'd share! :p My high run so far this year is 39 (on a 9-footer) and it's been at least five...
  20. Samiel

    Rank by High Run

    If you knew nothing about a player, other than his high run in Straight Pool, how would you rank him (Pro, Shortstop, A, B, C, D)? Let's say his high run is: 50 - ? 100 - ? 150 - ? 200 - ? [EDIT: Let's assume the run was on a 9-foot table with medium-tight pockets.]