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  1. HoldemRw

    !!! FS Few blanks and 1 piece cues!!!!

    Have few items I looking to clear out as I only mainly do repairs these days and have my playing cue I'll be keeping for awhile. If interested text me at 757-387-2804 1. Random 1 piece house cues not sure brand etc.. I recently purchased a house and guy left his pool table and few cues here. 1...
  2. HoldemRw

    !!! Random DVDS and apparel etc... !!!

    Would like to just sell as 1 bulk lot. Asking 100 shipped Firm. Text 757-999-0672 for faster response. Power 1 pocket 1&2. Number 2 is,signed Tiger stack leather wrap install DVD Szamboti cues Polo. Xx large Southwest hat Moosehead bridge, triangle chalk, silver cup chalk, chrome holder...
  3. HoldemRw

    !! FS Wrap Magic Fixture w Extras !!!

    Wrap magic fixture with DVD and 17 leathers 2 real leather wraps and 15 embossed. Also a precision knife kit. SOLD PENDING Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  4. HoldemRw

    !!! FS Inlay machine w/ handmade templates!!!

    Have for sale a stand alone cue inlay machine with router and bits about 30 boards some with 3 to 5 inlays per board plus few others came with it. Asking SOLD SOLD!!! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  5. HoldemRw

    !!! FS/FT Inlay machine w extras!!!!!

    Standalone inlay machine comes with router and cutters. Over 75 handmade inlay patterns. Asking SOLD SOLD Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  6. HoldemRw

    !!! FS Aramith TV Set. $85.00 !!!

    They have been well played. And have scratches on them. They were used by friend for about 4 years. Asking 85 shipped sent as gift Firm Text 757-999-0672 for faster response Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  7. HoldemRw

    !!! FS New Bonus Ball Set w/ Shot clock !!!

    Picked up this bonus ball set few months ago never got chance use it. Also have a shot clock that will keep score and give u 24 second counts between each shot. It's a complete set of 15 almost 2 full sets of bonus balls in total. Asking SOLD SOLD!!!!! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using...
  8. HoldemRw

    !!! FS Unique Shaft Straightner and 3 Prather Blanks !!!

    I have a shaft Straightner made by unique products. And 3 prather sets. Forearm handel and butt sleeves. The window butt sleeve came off a old schon runde R5. All prices are firm. Also the wood in pics is available just text for faster response at 757-999-0672. 1. Shaft Straightner unique...
  9. HoldemRw

    !!!! FS 12x24 Dealer Case !!!!

    Case is in good shape. Been sitting in my garage as pool cue holder for awhile. Has lock and key. Asking. SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  10. HoldemRw

    !!! FS Winning 1 pocket & Shots Move & strategies!!!

    !!! FS Winning 1 pocket & Shots Move & strategies!!! Up for sale is 2 books I think are best 1 pocket books made. Winning 1 pocket and shots moves and strategies. 1 of the books top left corner has slight discolor spot. Both good condition. Winning 1 pocket has errata, sheet and few...
  11. HoldemRw

    Wtb 3x6 or 3x5 murnak case w backpack straps

    Looking for murnak case preferred black in Color with backpack straps. Text 757-999-0672 for faster response. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  12. HoldemRw

    !!! Few items FS Wood, Veneers, Blanks etc... !!!

    Trying clear few items out for friend I am not great with some these values he is looking sell quickly so if any interest in anything please text or call 757-999-0672 I don't get on AZ as much these days so I miss bunch of Pms so if u see anything text and I am pretty easy to work with on price...
  13. HoldemRw

    !!! Burl Squares FS !!!!

    I picked these up from local cue maker who is moving I have no idea of the value of them so any help would be appreciated I am going to sell them also once I figure out their value. So feel free to make offer if u know the value of them There are squares of satin wood burl. Ironwood burl...
  14. HoldemRw

    !!! FS Schick Sneaky Pete !!!!

    Cue is,in excellent condition few minor dings on butt nothing big. Cue was sent to bill and he made a new shaft and new linen wrap and new logo. He also turned it down to his newer taper and caused the points to become bit more uneven. Cue is really just straight player. Has the word the machine...
  15. HoldemRw

    !!!FS Few odds and ends!!!!

    All SOLD SOLD!!!!! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  16. HoldemRw

    !!!! FS Bob Frey Purpleheart Fullsplice Titleist Tribute !!!

    Cue is excellent condition no dings or dents. Ivory joint 3/8x10 SS pin. Nice birdseye forearm with classic veneer combo. Asking 1250 shipped Text 757-999-0672 for faster response Specs Butt : 29" 15.0oz Shaft: 30" 3.8oz. 12.90mm Sent from my...
  17. HoldemRw

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  18. HoldemRw

    !!! Test hit only Revo uniloc 12.9mm shaft!!!

    Hit few racks with it just not for me. Excellent condition stock predator victory tip. Asking SOLD SOLD!!! shipped sent as gift. Uniloc. 12.9mm. 29" 4.0oz Text 757-999-0672 for faster response Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  19. HoldemRw

    !!! FS Few Joint Protectors different pins sizes !!!

    All have been sold. 1. 3/8x10 dymondwood set 1 butt 1 shaft. Asking SOLD SOLD!!!! 2. Random 3/8x10 shaft dymondwood jp asking SOLD SOLD!!!! 3. Mezz wavy with 1 and 2 stamped on shaft jps. 3 piece set 1 butt and 2 shafts asking SOLD SOLD!!!! 4. 5/16 x18. Looks like dymondwood. 1 butt 1...
  20. HoldemRw

    !!!! Clearing out Room in Case !!!!!

    Have few items I just looking clear some room for some new ones I'll try give quick rundown on each but if interested in more pics of individual cue,just text 757-999-0672 1. Not Sure on Maker but SW tribute cocobola 6 point high low points. 3/8x10 29" 15.oz butt. 3.8os shaft. Also has...