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    Talking Cases and Talking S**t on a Friday

    Facebook - was live. Showing off a great case by Jack Hoeverter, showing off some of our stuff - discussing, pool politics this week. Have a great pool weekend!
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    Aiming systems in other sports/hobbies/areas

    Aiming is something all humans do whether it's throwing a wad of paper in a trash can, driving a car, pouring a drink etc.... the paradigm for a long time has been that you either have it or you don't and if you don't then your ability to succeed will be limited. The common thought is that if...
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    CTE Testimonials

    A majority of these testimonials are from this Facebook Group for CTE Aiming. It is private so you might need to join to comment or view. From a Facebook thread, instructor Bob Nunley. This was just posted by one of my students. This...
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    Pro Player using CTE Aiming.

    Just spent four days with =AZXmVte2nPUcuNtVaSbN_sHoPL6m1v6JXlQiHDT7TAnPE_4pmQ3c63MkqWLi_d8jh7uJQS-7y_PPimzNy4Qdv928PuMXFkBVfrLbfGII8V-GxUqYtXfYXVkDDxIo6pRwQd4&__tn__=-]K-R']Hunter Lombardo . While we were working on a case project he took some time to discuss Center to Edge aiming. Hunter is...
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    JB CASES favorite pool pics

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    Sick Shots

    Post the videos of the sickest shots you have seen and tell us why. First one here from me is this 2 ball run by Bustamante. Look how he holds the cue ball at these angles.
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    Kyle Song's bad ass bird!

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    Congratulations John Schmidt

    So I happened across some "discussion" about John's world record run. I just want to say that the likelihood of it not being legit is very remote. Not only that there are many people involved whose reputations surely matter to them but one of my friends whom I know to be straight up has seen...
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    Weekly Showcase 3-1-2021

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    CTE Works GREAT but......

    even if you don't use it then one way or the other the objective is still the same, Put It In The Hole!
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    Tommy Hindman/Sam Engles on Ebay

    For those of you who have lost money to Tommy/Sam he appears to be active on Ebay.
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    Brandon Shuff on CTE/ProOne Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
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    2017 Oklahoma State BCA Master's Team Champions

    Our team lost the second match and started this morning at 9am and played 7 matches with us double dipping the super strong Tulsa team to win it. Feels great to be a state champion! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
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    Crazy Finish - must watch! Hill-Hill

    Our player was left this crazy situation. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Tapatalk
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    CTE at SBE

    Stan, Next year I think it would be a great idea to have a booth dedicated to CTE. I have had at least 20 people come up to me at SBE and thank me (and you) for doing CTE videos. Some of them have questions and I have spent a little time on the table after the booth closes with a few of...
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    Stroke vs. Aiming

    It's not an either-or proposition. First you aim then you stroke. BUT both have to be PRECISE. Couple examples from my match this past weekend. Justin has a wonderful stroke. He went to China and was told his stroke is shit and how to fix it. He did. I have known for a long time my...
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    Reply to Dan White's Questions This is a long winded video of me trying to explain to Dan White (and everyone else) why and how CTE works for any shot on the table that can be made directly to a pocket. Dan's fundamental question is how is it possible to use the same aiming lines for different...
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    To my friend......

    who sent me the link to one of the comments in one of these threads..... with friends like you who needs enemies. :-) Thanks for pulling back into this rabbit hole full of trolls. I was so happy to be away from them doing my thing elsewhere. Anyway..... really thanks for letting me know...
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    Can pro players be better than they are now?

    We have all stood in awe of professional players seemingly playing perfect pool. I wonder though if we have seen the pinnacle of playing ability? I see so many pro matches and players are getting out of line and just making what look like unforced errors. Pool being the solitary sport...