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    if you are looking for anything to do with billiards go to thier site. They are having a sale 20% off everything and free shipping anything over $75. You get a free gift which is a choice of a 12pc set of masters chalk Green or blue. a free glove. or a 1x1 cue case. It's a really great sale you...
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    Fury J/B

    What do you guys think about furys jump break cue's?
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    Whats The Best Soft Tip

    hey you guys i was wondering whats the best true soft tip that will give me the maximum cue ball control while giving me consistent results...?
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    Cant Get Better

    Ok, my name is Ryan and i play 9-ball pool. Ive only been playing for about 9 months now and in those 9 months ive gotten suprisingly good. Ive won several tournaments but the problem is i cant get any better. I practice about 6 hours everyday as always but i still find myself making crazy...