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    Player cues

    Just getting back to pool after a 5 year lay off. Looking to treat myself to a fresh cue. Played my best pool with a Mottey but tempted by Hercek, White or a Tasc? Guess a White would play closest to the Mottey but never played with any of them so opening it up for comments and opinions. Shoot
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    WTB Predator shaft

    Was looking at a new case but this comes first. looking for a predator radial shaft, would prefer a pre 314-2 version. so what ya got?
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    Shipping to the UK and some tips

    Hi guys, I kinda lurk in the background here picking up bargins of cues. Thought it would be useful for me to share a recent stressfull shipping issue I had and how to avoid it. I have just bought a gorgeous PFD Titlist conversion from Burt (96supersport) and the problems I have had do not in...
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    wtb mid range cue

    hear alot about the market being flat right now, cant really make my mind up on that, would seam like a good time to buy tho, but anyway to the point. i want a new cue! would be interested in scruggs, mottey, bb, showman. 4 points ebony into maple. no leather wraps. but will look at anything...
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    does anyone know who is selling this? is he trustworthy? just not much feedback. thanks for any comments
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    top ebay scam that will fool every 1....not

    well there are 3 southwests with the same pin number (how Odd! lol). and the pics i have def seen before some where prob on ebay. and some of you may have seen the scruggs (prev owend by the miz) on ebay well there are 3 of them as well. i dont think any1 on here would fall for either of these...