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  1. Gman***

    Sight on seen

    I recently purchased a pool cue through a reputable sight , The description of the pool cue was as follows : very light wear on the shaft , the butt is almost flawless condition . Well I received the cue today , and upon laying my eyes on it , I discover 3 dings on the handle , one of the dings...
  2. Gman***

    Feather strip ... transition from heavy cloth to speed cloth

    In the process of recovering my old championship cloth to a speed cloth , thought of installing a few fine staples to help secure the feather strip on my rails , Is this a practiced method .... or not recommended ? Thanks for any suggestions
  3. Gman***

    Replacing rubber rails ... what adhesive works best ?

    Going with Tour edition K66 , I have heard of different types of adhesives , my biggest concern is during the install , if I should need to tweak the rubber or simply put , remove the new rubber , what adhesive would you suggest ?
  4. Gman***

    While it’s unwrapped

    My table is a Goldenwest 8 purchased in 1997, I’m replacing the cloth on it . The cushions seem to play alright , but have some years on them , would you recommend I replace them at this point ? Thanks
  5. Gman***

    Felt or cloth ?

    My table is a 8 ft Goldenwest , with wide pockets , I believe my corners are 4 3/4 sides are wider , so very generous ! I want to put new cloth on . I’m struggling with ordering Simonis 860 not because of price , but for what makes sense to use on my type of table . Am I trying to put Candy...
  6. Gman***

    Cue tips

    I just wanted to ask about cue tip’s . The conundrum I have is a few of my cue tip’s appear to be in ok shape , not knowing the amount of age on the tip it leaves me wondering if I should replace and if I do , will the new tip perform better ? They play ok , however I find myself miscueing all...
  7. Gman***

    TOI CJ Wiley

    I watched CJ’s videos and practiced his system of touch of inside and it took me awhile to totally understand what I was exactly doing . And then I dropped off of it going back into my old little ways ! and after sometime doing without it , I jumped back on and Man I have to say Its come full...
  8. Gman***

    Gold dot shaft ?

    I recently purchased a Mike Sigel cue from a private seller and it has a gold dot on the shaft , It’s a great cue . It came with a case with his insignia on the case . I don’t know the age of the cue . The gold dot and what it represents is my question ? It’s maple and hits great so I figure it...
  9. Gman***

    Carbon graphite anyone play with one ?

    Their not carbon , but carbon graphite and the ones I play with are Eliminators . They play great to me , just really curious if any of you could weigh in on this ?