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  1. buckets

    Anatomy of a Pool Hustler (Dale Shaw - 1961)

    George Fels mentions this article numerous times in his writing, but I could never find a copy online. Turns out my local library both a) has a copy of an old anthology of sports articles in which "Anatomy of a Pool Hustler" is reprinted and b) has a book scanner that all members can use for...
  2. buckets

    Know anybody like this? The author is talking about competitive fighting games, but I think the phenomenon applies equally well to pool (or any other skill game). This is the kind of person who says that defense is bullsh*t, and that bar box is trash even though...
  3. buckets

    Looking for Brick/Layne/Lomax jump cue (no J/B)

    PM with price/pics/details.
  4. buckets

    Wanted: Alex Brick dymondwood J/B or Jump cue

    Please send PM with info, paying cash. Thank you!