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    Trap tables

    Having seen most of the action spots in the last 30 years i was thinking about some of the trap tables I have seen and the player that reigned supreme on those tables. What poolroom do you think had the table that was the biggest trap, and who excelled on that table and what made it so tough for...
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    Player's who quit pool early

    Was thinking of the sad state of playing pool for a living and was mentally compiling a list of players who gave up playing while still playing great pool. Allen Hopkins, CJ Wiley, Jimmy wetch, Roger Griffis, Ray Schultz, Teddy Garrahan, Ian Costello, John Hennigin, Nick Schulman, Sparky...
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    Heads up to buyers/sellers or fellow gamblers have noticed a disturbing trend both here and 2+2 forums lately tons of scammers are floating around. Always be careful when dealing with people on the internet in any facet of an exchange of money, better to be safe and put in a little more effort...
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    Great a best of forum

    Create a best of forum Too many great threads get buried imo there should be a "best of" sub forum hate to see great threads buried.
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    who gets the cash?

    If you locked all the best players in the world up in a poolroom and each one had 50k in a month who has the cash? Take into account game making along with talent pool room would have all size tables including a snooker table and 3c table. Im curious who some of the forum members think gets the...
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    Time out forum

    There should be a timeout forum imo for guys like Fastlarry, JaimeMcworter, etc etc they may have ruffled some feathers but they were entertaining and sometimes very thought provoking. If posters abuse the posting guidlines don't send em to hell just purgatory.
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    Positive custom cue experiances

    Since most only focus on negative posts on custom cue makers tell your positive dealings with cue makers the three that stick out in my mind are Keith Josey had him make a style he does not commonly make and I have to say its the best playing cue I ever owned, did not have to wait forever and...
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    Whate ever happened to?

    Jason Miller went from playing maybe the best offensive bank pool I have seen since Bugs to being mia
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    Whatever happened to Justin Cone

    really thought he was going to be the next monster onepocket player for a young guy he moved like a ghost. Have not seen or heard from him in a couple years
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    Bobby Hibbits?

    Is this guy still around not really a top player but good at getting the cash and seemed to be everywhere in the midwest about 10 years ago
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    What ever happened to Troy Frank

    Won the Dcc 9ball in 99 I believe beating Effie in the finals his top end was a notch below the top players but he was a tourney bulldog you had to play well to beat him also had high finishes in US open and Glass city if I remember correctly doe he play at all anymore?
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    I see both sides

    The pros do have a point, and those using the excuse "well barry always paid before" does not hold water imo there has been late US open payments along with the master's debacle. Five years ago who would have ever thought that Tony Annigoni woulda stiffed tournament players? It only takes one...
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    Cornbread Red finds a sucker

    Well since I am snowed in I thought I would share a past memory of one of the alltime great players and personalities of the game. It was around 1992 or 1993 I believe the former because Cornbread didn't yet finish second to Champagne Eddie in Grady's big 1 pocket tourney. Red made the jaunt...
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    I'm a little apprehensive to ask, but does anyone know how Tony Watson is doing?
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    Anyone know how he is doing? Is he still actively making cues? I would like to get a hold of him concerning the possibility of a highend cue for my son. Thx Huck
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    Old road stories

    indentSince Freddy the Beard, Grady and San Jose Dick among others have shared many great stories from the past, and these are my favorite posts. I will add a few of my own from the past. My memory has faded some but one that sticks out in my mind was mentioned in McCumber's playing off the...
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    Best players by decade and discipline starting with the 1950's with some comments

    All right all you pool buffs and handicappers I am going to start a list of the top players in each of the last five decades. Here is my quick list of the top players in the 1950's. I will list the 1950's-1990's and our current decade, feel free to pick the lists apart. 1950's Onepocket 1...
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    Breaking Mosconi's 526

    Everyone, I have always wanted to see pool's most known record (Mosconi running 526) challenged and possibly eclipsed. I have been an avid player and lifelong fan of pool. I am very fortunate to be in a financial position to do something in pool for both mine and "the pool world's"...
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    Tony "shrimpboat" Watson Rumor

    Could someone please confirm or debunked the rumor that Little T was beaten half to death Monday night? He supposdly is in critical condition and will suffer permenant damage from a beating he sustained from some shady individuals. Anyone that can shed some light on this it would be appreciated...
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    Stories from "The Rack" in Detroit

    Freddy, Jay, or anyone else, Please chim in about any stories about the famous rack. I wish I would have paid more attention as a youth to my grandfather when he told me stories about the mythical place. I found them very hard to believe. He told me that sometimes it took longer to count...