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  1. LeonD123

    Miniclip pool game - looking for opponents - iOS (Ipad)

    Hey, I'm looking for someone to play proper matches. You know that feeling playing 14yo Indians, too afraid to play more than a frame.
  2. LeonD123

    Tips on how to appreciate 8ball

    Hey, I'm a decent player, I can't fit in any official rating but let's put it that way, my record is 4 10ball racks and I often reach local tournaments pretty often. (playing for 2 years) The problem is I don't like 8ball. I find it borring (I know it's not), probably borred by all these stop...
  3. LeonD123

    What the duck is going on ?
  4. LeonD123

    Cue too short ?

    Bought a Predator Roadline a few months ago. Appeared a little bit short of size. On Seybert's, you can't select the length. Every cues have the same length ?
  5. LeonD123

    I want to break free
  6. LeonD123

    Modified original Balabushka GB1 - Value ?

    Hi, A friend of mine is looking to sell his Balabushka GB1 and he would like to know its value. Certificate: no Modifications: yes - see pictures And the signature/brand had been removed when restored.
  7. LeonD123

    Earl Strickland Crazy Interview Earl Strickland's interview after match with Darren Appleton on World Pool Masters 2018
  8. LeonD123

    Interesting deflection difference between Z3 and OB 1+

    I'm the very happy owner of a Pretator cue with a Z3 shaft. A few days ago, my tip went off. While I'm waiting for a friend to repair it, I borrowed an OB shaft from a friend. I think it is an OB +1. I really dislike large tips, but it appear that this shaft has almost zero deflection.Quite...
  9. LeonD123

    Easy win

    Yesterday at my club's weekly tournament. 10ball, race to 3, match to reach quarter-final 1-0 for me. I got ball in hand, can't pot the object ball. I play a nice safety shot. The guy pick up his cues and leave. The same guy, a few weeks ago, was mad at me because I made him foul 3 times on...
  10. LeonD123

    Rule question: Using only my shaft

    Hey, I had a situation the other night, where using my playing shaft without butt was the best option. Is that legal ?
  11. LeonD123

    Masterclass century

    No chance for Fu, who scored 29pts total and got whitewashed 6-0. Snooker at its best !
  12. LeonD123

    Obsessed with how many feather-strokes I will do

    Hi, By feather-strokes I mean going back and forth with my cue before hitting. I have 1 year of billiard under my belt, fast learner, can run racks. But I have one obsession, I keep thinking about how many time I go back and forth with my cue, usually 2 to 4. Also thinking about the pace and...
  13. LeonD123

    Predator fake cues

    Predator FB page "Predator Cues Predator has recently learned of counterfeit cues being sold in the U.S. under the name of PREOAIDR. These cues violate U.S. patent and trademark law and Predator would like to identify the sellers. For a very limited time and on a limited basis, Predator will...
  14. LeonD123

    Chalking with the bridge hand

    I find that very inelegant. Snooker players chalk with their playing hand and it is much more stylish. What do you think ?
  15. LeonD123

    Get rid of the linen wrap on my McDermott Stinger

    Last Sunday, I bought a McDermott Stinger for a very good price. My playing cue is a wrapless cue. I actually dislike linen wraps, and wraps in general. Can I get rid of the linen wrap ? What's underneath it ?
  16. LeonD123

    Barry Stark coaching, usefull even for pool players
  17. LeonD123

    Who do you think has the best ppol stance ?

    I'm curious to see what do you think about pro stances. I really like O'Sullivan's stance: Notr sure about pool players tho.
  18. LeonD123

    Point of sale app for Ipad or PC (pool hall timer)

    Hi, I'm looking for a pool hall timer, either for Ipad or PC. Thank you All bets, Leon
  19. LeonD123

    Looking for a billiard room app

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a friend who runs a pool bar, an Ipad app that he could use to know table time of customers. If not on Ipad, maybe something on PC ? All best, Leon