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    Schmelke M030 with Case

    I'm hardly ever on here anymore, but I'm selling this cue for the holidays. I feel that Schmelke is sort of underrated, and I'd like to see it go to a good home, which is why I'm posting it on here. Anyway, listing can be found at
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    Selling OB-1 shaft, and Schmelke cue/case

    OB-1 Shaft sold. I'll repost the cue tomorrow.
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    Reyes Enters Final Four With Blazing Eight Rack Run

    "Efren ?Bata? Reyes, showing flashes of the brilliance of old, recovered from a sluggish start against another former world pool champion Kunihiko Takahashi of Japan to finish with a blazing eight-rack run to enter the Final Four in the Bacolod Leg of the 1st Senate President Manny Villar Cup."...
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    So, how would you do it?

    After reading Fatboy's and numerous other posts over the last week or so, I started thinking about what I would do if I had the money to start a professional pool association/organization/league thing and what I would like to see on tv. Format: I'd like to hold qualifiers once every season to...
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    OB-1 carbon fiber pad

    Yesterday I noticed a gap was forming between the tip and the carbon fiber pad, so I took the tip off and put another one on. I couldn't get it to sit flush, so I took it off and noticed the pad was actually lower around the edges. I think the guy who replaced the tip last time sanded a little...
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    Few shaft questions.

    1. Would it be possible to core a radially laminated shaft blank or would the shaft need to be built this way? If it is possible, is there a limit on how deep it could be cored? 2. Is ferrule length included in taper length? For instance, if I had a shaft with a 10 inch pro taper, and a 1 inch...
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    3rd Eye Stroke Trainer

    Just arrived from Ozone. Tried to put it on a 13 mm shaft, and the clip broke off. The DVD cover is cracked also, which isn't a big deal. Everything seemed packaged pretty well, so I'm not sure if it happened during shipping or not. I had a couple heavier items shipped along with it, like a Jim...
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    LBM vs Saber-T vs Elforyn

    Anyone know the relative weights and hardness? Or at least have an opinion on any of them? Can't seem to find information anywhere besides here. Where's a cuemaking component database when you need one? Thanks for the help. :D
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    Difference between IV3 and 4?

    Nevermind. Found what I was looking for.
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    Analyze my game

    Just got my table setup, not even a spot on it yet. 7 foot table only, and the room is still kinda cramped in a couple places. Those French Doors sure do come in handy though. This is the first time I've seen myself play. It's funny how much what you think you're doing and what you actually are...