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  1. J

    The PAUSE in pool stroke

    I liked that clip of Cisero Murphy - I'd seen it before. What's just as remarkable as his pause (to me) is his slooow start forward on the final stroke.
  2. J

    Superior, Wisconsin

    Someone please tell us the best places to hit some balls in Superior this weekend, with MN still closed. Size of tables doesn't matter much. Thanks, Jim
  3. J

    GQ pool video with Tony Robles

    Is he right about Fast Eddie fouling on that "combination"? (about 3:30) I have a hard time seeing it at full speed. I can't believe a nice guy like Eddie would cheat.
  4. J

    Mike sigel vs Nick varner 9ball must see

    Did Sigel even call a pocket on that 9 ball? It didn't look like it to me. Maybe I didn't see it.
  5. J

    Hammerhead V2 Break/Jump tip

    Does anyone know anything about the Hammerhead V2 tip, with the clear poly-carbonate pad? The Outsville website has the new tip, and it looks like other sellers have the original Hammerhead. I tried emailing them but haven't heard anything. Any feedback on these tips would be helpful...
  6. J

    Big $ Game Coon Rapids, Minn.

    Someone please tell an anxious nation who won the first set at CR's last night: TJ versus Shane Winters. Thanks in advance.
  7. J

    Rubber wrap ?

    Question for you guys who know rubber wraps: I like the "Cyclone" wraps that Seybert's sells, but they don't carry brown ones. Does anyone know where I could get one? Thanks in advance.
  8. J

    Search help, please

    I wanted to search for info on TNT cues, but I get a message that says "tnt" is too short a word. Does anyone know an easy way around this? Thanks.
  9. J

    One hand shots

    I have read/heard at least one "expert" recommend practicing shooting one handed. This is what I mean: set up a straight in shot, bridging off the rail. Take a couple warm up strokes, then move the bridge hand off the cue. I would think this should be good practice for stroking straight...
  10. J

    Knurling/ grooves

    I have a cue with a Dymondwood butt that seems quite a bit "slipperier" than the usual finish on wood. Has anyone tried knurling or cutting concentric grooves in the grip area to make it easier to hold the cue with a lighter grip? Thanks.
  11. J

    Dale Chilton break cue

    18 oz. Dale Chilton break cue (one joint, which is Ti uni-loc) for sale. This cue is all dymondwood, less than a year old, in excellent condition. One piece phenolic ferrule / tip. I like it, but the balance isn't quite right for me. I paid just over $300; will take $150. Contact me if you...
  12. J

    Alignment problem

    I have a major alignment issue that I'm not sure I've heard of before: no matter what stance or head position I set up with, my cue looks like it's pointed about 5 degrees left of where it actually is pointed. I'm right handed and left eye dominant. Is there hope for me, or am I doomed...