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    Pool mentioned at

    For those of you who remember Cracked magazine, it has morphed into an online site. In their famous "list" articles, they mention pool as one of those most needlessly detailed wikipedia entries. Although I like their articles, I don't agree with this. But, still, an interesting read, and the...
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    Sh*t My CEO [Kevin Trudeau] Says

    Oh boy. If you thought infommercial kingpin Kevin Trudeau's various books were rather long-winded, check out what he sends to his employees all the time. More of the same. After reading those memos, I sure as hell...
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    Gotta love the poor sportsmanship in pool sometimes

    Ya gotta love sore losers. I was playing in the finals for a 9 Ball APA qualifier. I was on the game-winning last ball, and as I was about to shoot it, the opponent took his cue and stalked off without a word. Didn't talk to me for the rest of the nite... Like it was my fault that he kept...
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    Jasmine wins! 7-5

    Jasmin wins! 7-5 Jasmin wins! 7-5
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    Dan Louie vs. JD Doherty

    Dan Louie will be playing John "JD" Doherty in a One Pocket Match, at Golden Fleece in Kenmore, on Sunday around 8pm. That's all the details I have right now. I don't know for how much or what the race is.
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    question about pool blog's entry

    never mind... had question about but figured it out
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    Reversing a call...days later

    Situation that arose in an in-house league 8 Ball using BCA rules: Our guy sends the 8 into the pocket before its time. Other team, from somehow bizarrely (mis)interpreting parts of the BCA rules and ignoring other parts, states that the 8 Ball is just spotted and play continues (I know, I...
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    Second notice on three-foul rule

    If you're playing in a tourney where you are on 2 of an attempted 3-foul move, and the opponent does not state to you -- either thru verbal or gesture -- that you are on 2 and he three-fouls you, would you accept loss of game or make an issue of it where he didn't notify you of 2. If it matters...