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    Pool picture collection for sale

    up for sale is my entire billiard picture collection.i will try to post some of the pics for everyone to see.there is around 40 to 50 i have collected over the years.alot of this collection was purchased from the great diana hoppe.anyone that knows her stuff will be familiar with it.there are...
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    Extensive picture collection (autos)

    will be listing my billiards picture collection for any of you pool nuts that might be interested. there are all sizes with some 16by 20,8by 10,almost all are autographed.i have a hall of fame picture that there is only 5 copies out there.almost all of the stuff was purchased from the great...
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    2 Michael Webb cues

    There are 2 webb cues up for auction on will run unless there is someone bidding that shouldnt be(bad feedback) as told in auction.i have delt with alot of great ebayers and some not so trusting ones so i have been on both ends.hopefully someone who knows mikes cues will be the...
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    To Jam,Dianna,Mike h,Mike Z (thank you)

    To our great on tournament hosts. Jam, Dianna Hoppe,Mike Howerton and tournament host Mike Zuglan. Thanks from all of our az billiards readers. The joss finale looks like another great one.Mike Z does a great job to bring the best tourn. in town. He has a great supporting staff.A great thanks...
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    Michael Webb custom cue on ebay

    For anyone that is interested i have a bueatiful michael webb cue that comes with 2 new matching predator shafts he made to match it.hate to sell it but i havent hit a ball in a year. also it is on his website( and its in gallery 2 top row last picture. the ebay item # is...
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    dennis hatch in carolina

    did anyone watch dennis hatch in carolina,i see he placed in both events?
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    world pool tourney betting info(must see)

    betting on the wpc info -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- have a little to add about betting on the wpc tourney coming up soon.if you think the odds you are getting on that site are good well here is some info that will make you all want to...
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    valley forge bar tourney

    does anyone have any info on who won the open div at valley forge.was wondering how jason kirkwood who i think has one it 3 yrs in a row did.
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    joss tour at classic billiards

    just for your info we are having our annual joss tour 9ball stop here at classic billiads in rochester ny next w/e on april will be a 2000 added event with all of the top players from the always all of the great canadian players come which is always a treat because they all are...
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    keith mccready(joss stop in rochester)

    to the great keith mccready,all the people here in rochester ny want to know if you will be coming here next week for our joss stop on nov, 29,30.i have had 100 people ask and i told them i didnt know,keith has been here twice for 2 stops and has made so many fans in rochester.he brings alot of...
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    joss ny state straight pool (change)

    i regret to inform anyone who was interested in the nys straight pool that was to happen at classic billiards in rochester on nov 29,30 2003. has been will now be a 2000 added 9-ball regular stop on the joss tour.we are greatly disappointed about not hosting the event but due to...
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    JOSS New York State 14.1 championships

    JOSS New York State 14.1 championships we are having the nys 14.1 straight pool championships on november 29,30, 2003 here at classic billiards in rochester ny. we are very excited to hosting this event because we are a straight pool town and the fans in the area love it you know new...
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    thank you from classic billiards

    our event here in rochester at classic billiards was a great event with 2 great players in the finals. earl strickland and keith mccready gave the fans an incredible finals to watch. it was a classic.i can not thank either of them enough for taking time out of there schedule to come here. earl...
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    Predator Pro Pool School in Boston May 5-6

    Predator Pro Pool School in Chelmsford, Massachusetts (outside Boston) May 5-6, 2003 Country Club USA $750 a student (limited to first 18) Imagine getting instruction from 3 world class UPA professionals for 2 full intense days! Because of the help of industry sponsors the school is...
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    Predator Pro Pool School: Thank Yous!

    Thanks to all the students who made the last Predator Pro Pool School a success! Also thanks to Ralf Souquet, Nick Varner, and Tony Robles for their hard work and the great exhibitions they put on Monday night! Congrats to "Chicago Flash" Jeff Mohl for winning our Predator Pro Pool School...
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    classic billiards tourn ( special guest)

    we here at classic billiards have a special guest in town for our tournament this week. mike sigel is here. he said to say hi to earl and he will see you this w/e. rochester will be treated to his presence to go along with all the other great champions that will be here. we are looking forward...
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    keith McCready challenged

    keith i have a message from bosco, he wants a piece of the earthquake. he said if he cant beat you he has invited one of his countryman (stalev) to do the job.the russians will be will be the eathquake vs the snowstorm in rochester.are you ready. see you soon rich just to let everyone...
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    joss event in rochester ny

    just to let everyone know on march 29, 30 at classic billiards in rochester ny we will be having a $5000.00 added event. confirmed players earl strickland, keith the quake mCcready, charlie williams, allen hopkins, plus other top players from all over the world.we also have 40 local people...