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    bj ussery

    Doing it in the finals of a tournament, the last four games in a row, including one game with still nine object balls on the table is a little extreme don’t you think?
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    bj ussery

    Yes, very unprofessional livestream to have his young kids interrupting the commentating for virtually the entire final match. As bad as the match was, it didn’t really matter. Why does it matter whether you show your ass because you’re mad at yourself or you’re mad at your opponent? Either...
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    bj ussery

    I just watched the match. BJ got very frustrated early in the match, then just conceded Shaun each of the last 4 games with still a number of balls left on the table in each rack, including after what appeared to be intentionally launching the cue ball off the table for the 2nd break in a row -...
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    Cloth color

    Your poolroom, your choice, but do you really think you would lose all those non-serious playing customers if you had all the tables covered in the same cloth color like tournaments blue Simonis? A policy that every player on every table uses the correct color of chalk for that particular table...
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    Mosconi Cup Stats -- Career Records for Players on 2021 Teams

    I’d say that 92% chance of a win for team Europe is pretty accurate, and that doesn’t even calculate in any additional advantage by playing on their home turf.
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    Poll: What do you enjoy most about reading/posting on AzBilliards?

    I think you could possibly add an additional reason - Just a habit as a pool lover. That’s what I would have voted for if it had been an option.
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    Thoughts on Quality of Connley Ultimate w/ 2” Slates?

    Yes, I believe they came with 5 inch pockets, but if it’s a used table, there’s no telling if the pocket specs may have been altered. I’m guessing they stopped making this table 10+ years ago, possibly even 15-20 years ago, so I would be real careful to check out the condition of the table...
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    Thoughts on Quality of Connley Ultimate w/ 2” Slates?

    I believe in the 9-foot 2” slate Ultimate models, they all came with 6 legs.
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    💡The BEST pool advice I've ever received was...

    I never had a chance to play with any good players at an early age. My early playing through my high school years was at tables on the local Ivy League university campus. I specifically remember when I was about 14, some advice I got from college age player who was one of the top players on...
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    Thoughts on Quality of Connley Ultimate w/ 2” Slates?

    They were our original pool tables in our poolroom 25+ years ago, then I sold them all 6 years later and replaced with Gabriel’s Signature Pro tables which I’ve been very happy with. Connelly Ultimate is a very solid playing table with the exception of these 4 issues listed below: 1) The...
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    My guess is Windex may be a decent choice to clean the pool balls, but certainly not the cloth.
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    How do you guys handle the loud music at pool halls?

    EarPods or AirPods - that way at least you can listen to the music you want at the volume you want!
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    Question about the height of paneling around a pool table?

    I’ve never heard of a rail top being referred to as paneling.
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    What's The Shot? 14.1

    The key is you just can’t hit it hard, which is the natural tendency to want to do for a breakout shot.
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    What's The Shot? 14.1

    Looks to me like the angle you have on the 9-ball in the corner right now may be your best chance to break out the cluster of 5 balls in the rack area. High center ball, but don’t hit it too hard or you would likely miss the pack on the right side and possibly even scratch in the right corner...
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    Cloth color

    These days with so many players using their personal chalk, usually blue, I would think it virtually impossible for a pool room to have any cloth color other than blue or green, and keep the cloth looking good. In my opinion, any pool room that has any cloth color other than tournament blue...
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    Ball Cleaning Questions

    I clean our ball sets once a week for customers, but always a virtually new freshly polished set when I play - yes I’m spoiled. AutoGlym Fast Glass cleaner, just a tiny squirt on each ball before spinning them in a 26 year old Bludworth ball cleaner in which I replace the pads about once a year...
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    🏆🏆 What is your LARGEST pool accomplishment?

    For me, that’s an easy one. It would be managing to keep a very nice, clean and well respected non-alcoholic pool room located in the middle of nowhere, open for the past 25-1/2 years. I could not have done it without a food operation that brings in 90+ percent of our revenue, incredible and...
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    9 Ball Safety Rule

    That is a rule / strategy utilized and allowed in 8-ball, but never in 9-ball - sorry.
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    Your Cue Stick History?

    Store bought Brunswick - 1970s Doc Frye custom ordered - 1970s Meucci MO9 - 1970s - 1990s Gus Szamboti - 1980s - 1990s Schonn - Late 1990s Pechauer - Early 2000s Predator - Early 2000s - 2010 Pechauer custom ordered - 2010 - 2016 Mezz - 2016 - 2019 Mezz Exceed custom ordered 2019 - Present