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    Funny pic/gif thread...

  2. mosconiac

    Reminiscing About the 2007 DCC...In Photos

    Here's a string of photos & videos I took at the 2007 DCC. ENJOY! Stevie Moore's winning moment...I am so glad I got to witness this incredible moment. Efren Reyes' winning moment...just another 1P win for the Magician.
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    Origins of Amsterdam Billiards?!?

    I know nothing of New York, so please excuse my ignorance. Is this the location of Amsterdam Billiards??? Look to the right side of the street...Amsterdam Bowling & Billiards?
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    OB CF Pad & Kamui Clear Tip Question

    The CF pad popped off my OB-2 shaft & I thought...hmm, maybe I can just put a "Kamui Clear" on without the CF pad. Is it necessary to have a plastic/CF pad under the plastic pad on that tip? Seems kind of redundant...:confused: I know, I OB...
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    "Little" Joe Villalpando--Local News Feature

    I haven't been posting much on AZB lately, but I thought this was worth taking a few moments to highlight. A year or two back, our local TV station did a feature on my friend "Little" Joe. Someone uploaded it to youtube, so please take a look.
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    Results of my 1st Annual 14.1 League Tourney

    I held my 1st annual 14.1 tourney yesterday @ Sharky's Billiards in Davenport, IA. Everyone had a blast & they want to play more 14.1. :D We held back $$$ from our 2 league sessions in 2012 to fund the tourney & collected a total of $378 for the prize fund. Not a huge pot, but it's a...
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    POVPool: 1P Showdown Alex Pagulayan vs Scott Frost--Partial Video Posted

    Part 3 of 3 has been posted... Not sure where Parts 1 & 2 are, but they said during the stream that they were posting the entire match on youtube...they'll get around to it I'm sure.
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    If You Use The Same Password on Billiards Digest & AZB...

    Better change it as a precaution... All the User passwords for BD It might take time for someone to decrypt them, but it's out there forever now. If you use a common p/w across many forums....:eek:
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    WWI Soldier (Double Amputee) Playing Billiards

    What an amazing photo from 1915. Any war buffs out there to ID the nationality and/or military ties?
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    Who Knew CW Has Moves Like Elvis?

    Video: Looks like everyone has a good time on tour!
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    American Juniors Prepare to Travel to 21st Annual WPC I just spoke to Joe Villalpando & he is prepping to travel to the 21st Annual World Junior 9-Ball Championships in Willingen, Germany. He is accompanying his student (Chad Behnke), Chad’s parents (Jerry & Margie)...
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    American Juniors Prepare to Travel to 21st Annual Junior WPC

    Test was successful
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    Who loves you baby?

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    Intriguing 1918 Photo

    I love visiting Shorpy's for vintage photos. A pool related on popped up today. Poor guys couldn't afford a cueball!!! Can anyone ID the flag & branch of the military? high-res:
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    Alternate Games Like 9.1?

    I tried to search "9.1", but the tool couldn't find any results. I tried searching for "14.1" & it failed too. Sorry if this has been discussed before. Inspired by Elvicash's thread on 4.0, I wondered if anyone has played the game with fewer 9.1 (back row removed, so a 10 ball...
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    Replacement of "Handle"

    I've long wondered if a cuemaker can take my Schon & replace the current leather-wrapped handle section with an all-wood handle (presumably cored) to make a psuedo wrapless. I would want it to match the stained forearm, plus add rings to set it off. Is this (technically) possible without...
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    What does this illusion tell us...

    ...about our eyes & our aiming... Close your left eye and just focus your right eye on the tiny static circle on the left of the screen. At some point the big circle will disappear as it crosses your ‘blind spot‘.
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    SloMo Trick Shots by SloMoHolic

    An entertaining video of slow motion shots.
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    Kamui Chalk's Quality Control Failure = WIN

    The cute little wrapper on my $30 cube of chalk fell off! FAIL. I wanted to save my chalk, but I had no idea what to do. Fortunately, I found a suitable solution! WIN. Who's the baller now!?!?
  20. mosconiac

    Why Did The BCA Drop The Traditional Rack?

    I just discovered that the 2008 (yes, I'm really late to the party) rules dropped the 1B & 5B corners requirement on the full rack. I had not looked at the rules since the 2006 version was released, which was the last time that tradition was upheld. Anyone know why the BCA would remove that...