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  1. Fast Davie NC

    Earl "The pearl" And Mike Sigel In NC

    Hey Guys, I am trying to promote Earl "The Pearl" Strickland and Mike "Captain Hook" Sigel to come to Western North Carolina this Fall/Winter to do some Clinics/Exibitions/Private lessons. The venue will be at a local pool room that could Eventually lead to my private pool room (For VIP) All of...
  2. Fast Davie NC

    Used Simonis X-1 Table Cleaner

    Hi Guys and Gals! I would like to purchase a X-1 cleaner to try it out on my newly re-furbished home table but I can't financially justify paying $89.95 for this!!! So, I am putting out this feeler to see if any of my AZ Buddies has one that they would be willing to part with at a reasonable...
  3. Fast Davie NC

    Frank Tullos- How Strong Of A Player?

    I know Frank and have been to his pool rooms for some years now. He is a nice guy and has taught me some things. Anyone who knows him... Knows that he has the "Gift Of Gabber"! Frank still plays good at this stage of his life, But what was his TRUE speed "Back In The Day"? Jay, Please Chime...
  4. Fast Davie NC

    Who remembers "The Lucky Break"???

    Who all remembers the Lucky Break on White Horse Rd that was in Greenville, SC? Anyone got any old school stories?
  5. Fast Davie NC

    Refinished "Super Crown" GC IV: Thanks Mark Gregory!

    Hi, has taken a while, but I wanted to show you guys the recent renovation to my home pool room with the addition of my "new" beauty. I am including some of the photos of the process. Special thanks to Mark Gregory for his expertise, installation and sub-rail work. He truly is what...
  6. Fast Davie NC

    Wanted To Buy- Brunswick "Branded" Pool Table Cover

    I am currently in the market for a brown Brunswick "Branded" pool table dust cover that will fit a Gold Crown 4. I am having trouble finding one that will fit a Gold Crown (All the ones on the internet, Including Brunswick's web site are all made for furniture tables and will not fit a Gold...
  7. Fast Davie NC

    Diamondized Gold Crown 4

    Hi Guys, I am in the process of working a deal with a mechanic/pool table sales and service guy in GA for a GC4. Part of the deal with him is delivery and set up included, So I am looking for some good advice and specs from my AZ forum buddies and master table mechanics! As I am parcial to the...
  8. Fast Davie NC

    Wtb diamonized gc4

    Anyone know of or have for sale a "Souped Up" or "Diamonized" GC4 near or in NC, SC, GA, TN? I would really love to get one that has been worked on by Glen (RKC), But would be interested in looking at all options and then getting Glen to work his magic on a table when I purchase one at a...
  9. Fast Davie NC

    Diamond Pool Table Light

    Hey Guys, I am in the market for a used Diamond light. I prefer the 7ft. but would consider the 9ft. Please let me know if anyone can help! Thanks In Advance! Davie
  10. Fast Davie NC

    Runde/us open

    Hi Guys and Gals! I will be at the US Open this year and I am wishing to run into some of you guys (We should all plan an AZ Billiards "Meet and Greet" Party! Anyways, I am really looking for one or some Schon "Runde Era" cues and Runde Cues (By his namesake solo project that didn't have...
  11. Fast Davie NC

    Brunswick Gold Crown 4

    Hello Everyone! I am very interested in purchasing a gold crown 4 that was used at the US Open (The last year that they were used at the open Before Barry Berhman switched to Diamond tables). I am willing to travel and pick it up for a reasonable price (I live in North Carolina). Thanks...
  12. Fast Davie NC

    Sigel vs strickland

    I would really love to see this... and it would be great for pool!!! Is this possible? I admire both of these players very much! Sigel could not miss back in the day, Nor could Earl. Sorry if this is a funny thread... I just miss old school pool! Let Me Know Your Thoughts, AZ Friends!!!
  13. Fast Davie NC

    Larry Nevel Jump/Break Cue

    Hi Guys! I was just curious if anyone has heard any more about Larry Nevel's Jump/Break Cue since he posted? Is there any more info or photos out there yet? Thanks!
  14. Fast Davie NC

    Moving Back To Charlotte

    I will possibly be moving back to Charlotte in the near future. I use to play at Mother's years ago, I know Paradise is closed. Can someone please tell me what nicer pool rooms with good bar food, regular tourneys, BCA leagues, Action, Good Players are around the Mid-Town-SouthPark Area that I...
  15. Fast Davie NC

    Asheville, NC...Players... Present... And The Past...

    Hey Guys! I would like to start a thread about all the talented players from the Asheville, NC area. Since I am getting older and I grew up in Asheville, I have seen alot of great players come through Asheville. or I have also seen local players who played "Jam Up". This thread can also be about...
  16. Fast Davie NC

    Danny Diliberto in NC

    Hey Guys, Danny will be in the Western North Carolina area in the next 2 weeks. Danny is a great friend and I want to bump his stay with me on his way to Chicago!!! He is available for group and private lessons and pool room owners can even take advantage of his wonderful exibitions!!! We are...
  17. Fast Davie NC

    Jacoby Tour Rocky Mount,NC! Cue Sports Video Live Streaming NOW!

    Lot a good players! Go check it out!
  18. Fast Davie NC

    If You Could Hang Out with your Mentor, Who would it be?

    If you had a chance to go on the road, get lessons, be a caddy or hang out with for 6 months any living Male pro who would it be? I will list my choices in priority to me. 1 through 15 I would have to choose- 1- Mike Sigel 2- Earl Strickland 3- Danny Diliberto 4- Billy Incardona 5- Keith...
  19. Fast Davie NC

    Home Table Questions

    Hi Guys, I have some Home Table questions. I have an "American Heritage" 8 foot home table with Simonis 860 cloth, Aramith balls. The table plays decent and I use it as a practice table (at the present time I do not have space for a 9 footer). Anyway, Recently I have noticed my rails have become...
  20. Fast Davie NC

    Please Do Not Forget me

    I will be at the US OPEN 21st through the 25th. I am interested in anyone who is selling used Justis, Bellini, Flowers, Ann Manx and Murnak cases. I am also interested in some cues and memoribilia. You can PM me and I will give you my cell. Thanks-