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  1. Jimbojim

    HOW cue tip hardness?

    Can someone tell me how an HOW Soft cue tip would compare on a hardness scale against a Zan Soft, Elk Master or a Kamui black super soft approxmatively? Thanks
  2. Jimbojim

    "Filipono" closed bridges vs standard closed bridges

    I have always wondered if you guys find any advantages to using the "Filipino" closed bridge versus the standard loop closed bridge. - Filipino bridge being having the index finger in a triangle shape ON the middle finger - Standard closed bridge being having the index finger round and meeting...
  3. Jimbojim

    Anyone ever bought anything from

    I'd like to hear your experience (s) if you ever bought a cue from Being in canada, if I wanted to buy something they would only take a wire transfer or money orders which worries me a little bit so I need reassurance or to be told to stay away! :grin-square:
  4. Jimbojim

    Mezz butts and mezz joints

    Hi there, I hope you're all having a great day. I have 2 questions for you. 1. Do mezz butts feel hollow or full? 2. Gun to you head, you can only play a Mezz with a United or Wavy joint, which one is it? Thanks
  5. Jimbojim

    Need advice on cue brand

    Hi there. I'm looking for a great quality cue with the satifying hit of a Schon and with the deflection of a predator. Preferably one piece maple shaft. 12.5mm Which brands make cues like that? Thanks
  6. Jimbojim

    Your attitude towards Scotch doubles tournaments

    Good morning, Tomorrow I have a Scotch Doubles tournament paired with a weaker player. I have played a few of those but I'm usually the weaker player paired with a pro or a shortstop. Now, personally I relish the experience of playing with a stronger player and I'm smart enough to know that I...
  7. Jimbojim

    How often do you play kill/drag shots?

    I'm practicing with this pro once a week and I'm picking things up slowly but surely to improve my game and I started to notice a lot of things about his game and its the massive use of drag. We all use it when the situation requires it but I noticed that its how he's able to spin the ball...
  8. Jimbojim

    For those who have followed the game for decades

    Could you possibly give me a time frame as to when pool was as its prime as far as recognition goes and plethora of tournaments? When did it start to go downhill and what caused it?
  9. Jimbojim

    I never hit center ball no matter the shot

    Anybody else? I'll always put a hair of outside (or inside if Im trying to do something for position) on a shot the could be played with dead center beside straight in shots. If I wanna stop it, I'll play lower but not as hard. I feel when hitting center ball it undercuts the shot because of...
  10. Jimbojim

    How to calculate payouts?

    Is there a common calculation to determine what is gonna be the payouts for a tournament (double elimination) that pays 7/8th. Anybody knows the percentages for each positions?
  11. Jimbojim

    looking to buy radial pin joint protectors

    I want to buy joint protectors for a radial pin. Preferable for 1 butt and 2 shafts. Not too expensive also 30$ max with shipping to Canada. Pics are preferable in advance.
  12. Jimbojim

    Stances for 6 feet and taller people.

    Hey Im about 6'3" and I realize that I don't use the same stance on every occasion I play. Im trying to go back to the basics and improve my fundamentals and was wondering how some of you tall players approach the stance. Do you always try to keep the back leg straight or do you bend it ? I...
  13. Jimbojim

    Little question about playing the ghost.

    If you get a dry break, do you still take ball in hand and attempt to run out or is it the ghost's turn? Because if its ball in hand with balls down on the break or none...I have beaten the ghost 9-6 even. I don't think I'm gonna be able to do that again for a while. On the other hand, if I...
  14. Jimbojim

    Looking for a soft non-layered tip

    I first started to play with Triangle and eventhough they are "hard" tips to begin with, I've always ask the tech guy to install a softer one. Now its impossible to find good ones, they all feel like its ceramic. Then I moved on to Le Pro tips and I've had a few good ones but now its starting...
  15. Jimbojim

    how do you get that extra edge?

    Let me explain, I'm somewhat close to move up a class in our ranking system here and I want to get that extra finesse in my game, that extra little thing that I can't get by just playing and practicing. Many people suggest a coach to help me open up my mind to overlooked things or discover new...
  16. Jimbojim

    Does your performance change depending of your opponent?

    Hi there, We all have heard the saying "Play the table, not the player" I manage to keep that mindset with everyone I play but ONE guy. He's pro speed and definitely has the skills and talent to compete against the world's best. When I play him, I lose my stroke, my aim, my fundamentals and my...
  17. Jimbojim

    Dreaming about pool helped your game?

    Dreams were and still are always considered a strange phenomenon and many scientifics have studied the dreams we have while in R.E.M. sleep and their significations. I'm sure most of us have dreamed about playing pool at one point or another. Have you ever had a pool dream that seemed so real...
  18. Jimbojim

    what frame of mind do you adopt for tourneys?

    Title says it all, Do you go in casual and act like you "don't care'" as if you are just going to practice so you don't get to feel pressure of the event or do you completely immerse your mind in pool for the whole day/week prior to the tournament so you feel and in "pool mode" ? Personally I...
  19. Jimbojim

    question to Runout Media

    Hi. I noticed that in your Video Magazine #2, you have a segment called 'A day in the life of Earl Strickland'. How can we see it if the dvd is discontinued?
  20. Jimbojim

    Danny Hewitt vs Mika Immonen race to 25...predictions?

    Good day all, Tonight there will be an exhibition match between Mika Immonen and Danny Hewitt race to 25 9-ball at 7h30pm EAST (can be seen via stream on for free). As much as I like my homeboy Danny, I expect Mika to win 25-21. Danny has been working a lot these past few...