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  1. BlackDragon

    twice as good

    I think theres a player I'm 'twice as good as'. We played six matches, race to 8 or 9 and I've won four and he, two. Yet I've won forty games to his thirty seven. So there must be key games to win that I'm getting and he's not. But if you assume you're twice as good as someone do you expect to...
  2. BlackDragon

    weihai hai

    hi, so I went south in China down to Zhejiang where I shot with an Indian guy and a Canadian guy and then one time, the local guy at the pool hall. The pool hall was down the road past kfc and the canal bridge past the taiwanese fast food place. Stop in to buy a beer and play. Budget...
  3. BlackDragon

    Top Ten Again

    TopTen reasons why theres no Americans at the World 8ball Pool Championships. Your call. :cool:
  4. BlackDragon

    Top Ten

    yup, the top ten reasons to shoot pool :cool:
  5. BlackDragon

    Earls Fall from Grace

    or 'how he lost his winning ways'. Its a top ten poll. :cool:
  6. BlackDragon

    the dirty and the best this city which is not in the States theres umpteen pool halls. But the thing is, I've played around and this one small place upstairs definitely is the dirtiest and smokiest but the thing is it has the best players. So anyone else find a similar thing happening. The low down dirty rooms...
  7. BlackDragon

    girls, dope and pool

    I dunno. Get up in the morning, check the az trivia...get some ideas and go off and shoot a pool session and shoot another session in the evening. The thing that bugs me a bit is that not many girls shoot pool and if I was doing something else I'd pick up I'm coming back from the...
  8. BlackDragon

    hitting into the table

    Its this. Anybody been playing the cueball slightly deliberately into the cloth to get position. A micromini jump shot, if you will. I started doing it on straight in shots on the centre pocket where back spin just comes back (no position) or if I couldnt get low on the cueball. Just make the...