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  1. poolmouse

    That damned Bob Jewett

    I very rarely play. I try to jump on the Mezz West State Tour, to give them my support. But it's 9 ball. I really hate 9 ball. The only real game for me is 14.1. So I had to decide this weekend. Play in the Mezz West State Tour, or play in the 14.1 World Tournament qualifier in Monterey, CA...
  2. poolmouse

    Which player is most like Deadpool?

    Keith McCready
  3. poolmouse

    This message brought to you by Deadpool
  4. poolmouse

    Any 14.1 players in the Los Angeles area this weekend?

    Any 14.1 players in the Los Angeles area this weekend?
  5. poolmouse

    Wilson, please shout if you want to take ownership of this new Slack channel. Happy to hand it over. I just got back from #JNUC2015 and was mesmerized at how incredibly popular Slack is. Doesn't take away from your existing forum, but gives chat room style functionality that can link back to...
  6. poolmouse

    Moving to SoCal...where are the 14.1 players?

    I'm relocating to Santa Clarita, CA in the next three weeks. Yay! First thing on my list is to find the best poolrooms in the Los Angeles area. Where do the 14.1 players hang out? Here's what I found after a quick search... Green Room Billiards
  7. poolmouse

    14.1 social game in Virginia?

    Where is a good place to find a 14.1 game in the Reston, VA area? I'll be there this weekend (Feb 14-16), will have cue with me. Not a gambler, but I don't mind donating $20 for 100 point games.
  8. poolmouse

    Korr 125 Deschaine 0

    Deschaine grabbed his name plate and altered the score when I went to take a picture of the score (the place erupted on laughter), the score was actually 125-0. :)
  9. poolmouse

    Fusco's The Spot (smoking allowed - nasty)

    So I spent a few hours at Fusco's The Spot and when I got home I couldn't tell if I smelled like smoke or not. After I showered it was clear. I stank like a dirty wet sock. I guess smokers don't notice/care since their sense of smell is...
  10. poolmouse

    Steinway Billiards (NYC) is packed wall to wall!!!

    This weekend's 10 ball tournament is just a warm up, with the 14.1 tournament starting this week. Man oh man I can't believe how many people showed up. I've been there for many large tournaments, but this Saturday it was elbow to elbow. I hope to catch the 14.1 finals this week.
  11. poolmouse

    $75,000 for a CNC'd cue? Puleaaassseeee
  12. poolmouse

    Edison, NJ, 14.1 Qualifier at Sandcastle Billiards, July 12, 2014

    Since I'm not seeing a lot of posts on this... World 14.1 Qualifier at Sandcastle Billiards (NYC Grind) World Tournament of 14.1 (FaceBook) 2014 The World Tournament Qualifiers...
  13. poolmouse

    2014 DCC 14.1 result?

    Wait. Wat?
  14. poolmouse

    [Drexel Hill, PA] Plenty of 14.1 players between Noon-6 on Sat/Sun

    Anyone in the Philadelphia area looking for a 14.1 action, Drexeline Billiards has plenty of it between Noon-6PM on Sat/Sun. I spent weeks going there in the evenings and went away disappointed that there were no 14.1 players there. Then the house man (several of them actually) told me to come...
  15. poolmouse

    Mosconi Cup 2013. Best of Earl's Nagging and Going Wild!

    Mosconi Cup 2013. Best of Earl's Nagging and Going Wild!
  16. poolmouse

    Predator/Mezz/Joss/Tri-State...ICA files for Mac users ;)

    If you're a Mac user who misses tournaments becasue tour directors don't provide a double-clickable tournament calendar, fear no more. Attached is all four tour calendars as of today. If the schedules get updated, you'all are on your own. That you're Mac users is indicative to a base level of...
  17. poolmouse

    Combined wins? - Earl Strickland vs Efren Reyes January 14-16, 2014

    It's truly amazing how many tournaments these two have won, combined: and NOTE: Efren's list includes a bunch of "tour" wins, which I'm sure if we added...
  18. poolmouse

    Darren Appleton 200 ball run - recorded?

    Me want!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. poolmouse

    Best way to record game (camcorder or webcam?)

    I was at a tournament recently where the organizer/director was using a webcam to stream the important matches. I wondered, what's the best/preferred method to record a game on a home table? Camcorder? Webcam? 720 resolution would be fine, I'd imagine 2-3 hours per recording. Thanks in...
  20. poolmouse

    Any 14.1 players around this week (Drexeline Billiards, PA)?

    I'm off the rest of the year, any 14.1 players in the area available for play?