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  1. TxBullDog

    Memorial USA Custom Whitten Case for Mosconi Cup!

    My dream Mosconi Patriotic USA custom case created by Joe Whitten was delivered today for Memorial Day Weekend! I am speechless at the level of detail, expertise, and level of his professional crafting with triple stitching red/white/blue and design! Joe my deepest respect and thank you for...
  2. TxBullDog

    Players with earbuds or earplugs?

    I been playing in regional, state tournaments and opens recently and noticed more and more players using earbuds for sounds or earplugs for silence while they play... Curious if you use them and what your listening too? I assume your favorite music but one guy said he listening to mediation and...
  3. TxBullDog

    Rumor New Professional Tour in the works with TV sponsors?

    Some buzz lately in some regional tournaments and pool halls about a new professional tour in the negotiating stages with TV sponsors? Has anybody been involved or have real information or hands on insight if this is true? I heard rumors about a salary guaranteed for top 50 players per year...
  4. TxBullDog

    Journal or Log diagram for pool shots and drills. Need a smaller version and ideas.

    I learned a long time ago you have to be your own coach. This is what I been using and created for tournaments or when playing to remember shots I missed or need to practice. I wanted to see what other people use or came up with it to log shots or drills. I have a large template I been using but...
  5. TxBullDog

    Vote: $1000 Wager 3X6 Competition JB Cue Case vs Whitten Cue Case

    To make a long story short, several gamblers online back in March when quarantine started for Covid got into a argument about JB cue cases vs Whitten. To end the argument we decided to compare both and bet $1000 to for each case. We would then vote and the tie breaker would be on AZ Billiards if...