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  1. topcat1953

    Sad news. Tim Scruggs past away last night.

    For those who may remember ....................................
  2. topcat1953

    November 28th, Lancaster Elk's Lodge, 9-Ball

    Instead of shopping, let's play some pool. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  3. topcat1953

    2013 Harrahs Fall Classic

    Sign -up now!! Entries are filling fast!!!
  4. topcat1953

    A New 14.1 stat or Not

    To me, 14.1 epitomizes the true nature of the Sport of Pocket Billiards. Particularly at the Championship level where matches are determined by who can attain 150 or 200 points first. With each ball counting as a point, that’s a lot of balls and very rarely does a player accumulate all of those...
  5. topcat1953 update

    For all of you Straight Pool enthusiasts, the Pool League is still alive and kicking. There is still time if you are interested in developing or starting a league in order to qualify for the National Championship. Participating players have been enthused as to the way the handicaps...
  6. topcat1953 revamped

    Greetings to all the Straight Pool Players on AZBilliards. has been working hard to introduce a program that is appealling to players of all skill levels, in order that they may compete on a National level. I am not asking anyone to replace the league they are in now or to change...
  7. topcat1953

    Straight Pool Break Shot Situations Poster

    Well Mr Harriman, I truly appreciate the feedback as you are one of America's best at 14.1. But shot #5 does work consistently and was shown to me by Tom Kollins at Joe Farhat's Velvet Rail, in 1977. I actually used shot #6 today in the middle of a 35 ball run.
  8. topcat1953

    Straight Pool Poster

    Developed this for a few of my friends. If anyone is interested in one, let me know. They are 18 x 24 on 1.5 MIL Glossy. $19.95 plus $4.00 shipping
  9. topcat1953

    Straight Pool Break Shot Situations Poster

    Developed this for a few of my friends. If anyone is interested in one, let me know. They are 18 x 24 on 1.5 MIL Glossy. Will post info wanted for sale section.
  10. topcat1953 reorganizing for 2013

    Please check out the website . Changes are underway and new leagues are forming for 2013. Happy New Year !!!!!
  11. topcat1953

    Byerly / Hutchinson Charity 8-Ball event

    Good Tournament Always Fills
  12. topcat1953

    Classic billiards in phoenixville

    Classic billiards in phoenixville is under new ownership and will be reopening soon. All tables are is the process of being refurbished and recovered. New owner is dedicated towards excellence.
  13. topcat1953

    Pool Hall Photos From All Over.

    DBR Lanc PA Diamond Billiards Room, Lancaster, PA - 1993-2003 20 table room
  14. topcat1953

    FS Rolling Stone Issue #270 - Fat's Interview

    I have three issues of this rare Rolling Stone Magazine that dedicated seven full pages to an interview with Minnesota Fats, in 1978. Terrifically written and entertaining. I have one framed and under glass that I am keeping. The other two are available. Very good conidtion for being 35 years...
  15. topcat1953

    Greenleaf's Home Away From Home

    During the the late 1940's, Ralph Greenleaf called Lancaster, PA home. He lived above Speros Hampilos' American Bowling & Billiard Parlor, at 153 North Queen Street, in Lancaster. These were dark days in Ralph's life as he was known to be a common drunk. There were at least three billiard...
  16. topcat1953

    FS Phillippi Sneaky Pete

    For Sale is a cool looking Phillippi Sneaky Pete. Inlaid with the old proverbial "Lucky Horse Shoe" These are the pictures of the sneaky pete that were sent to me. They were taken with a cell phone, not the greatest. Cue is new. Was aquired in a raffle at a tournament very recently. Ebony...
  17. topcat1953

    Scorekeeping for 14.1

    My take on scorekeeping for 14.1. Growing up playing on Brunswick equipment, the Gold Crowns always sported two counters on both sides of the foot rail. I would like to think Brunswick had the Straight Pool shooters in mind when they had that feature. One counter could be used for the rack...
  18. topcat1953

    FS TS Cue

    For Sale is a Tim Scruggs Cue - 1995 A simple 6 point Ebony Odd rings ... appear to be brass filled in the center, weird, but cool lookin' 58" , 18.4 oz , no weight in the cue 2 shafts with Ivory Ferrules, 12.70 mm & 13.10 mm, 1 shaft has little or no use. Joint is not Ivory. 3/8-10...
  19. topcat1953

    Stories of Action, share yours.....

    Forget about it.
  20. topcat1953

    Harrah's Philadelphia Casino & Race Track

    The dates are set! Coming in October! The Harrah's Bumblebee Open, October 4 & 5, 2012. The Harrah's Mid-Atlantic 8-Ball Championship, October 5, 6 & 7, 2012. Valley Bar Boxes. Harrah's Philadelphia Casino & Race Track, Chester, PA. Details forthcoming.