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  1. crabbcatjohn


    JJ has two picks left..
  2. crabbcatjohn

    Ridgeback vs. Penguin and a cloth question

    Penguin pro cut are 4-1/8. Play better with 860 on them. Makes a valley a lot better, but the shelf is still a little short. We play with them all the time around here. They also bank good.
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    US Open 9-ball updates thread..

    Your correct. Seeded. I don't know how it was done.
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    Instructions on watching US Open

    DAZN works fine. 20 bucks gets you a lot of pool.. Just remember to stop the subscription before the 30 days is up if you don't plan on keeping the channel. You are automatically charged for the next month unless you cancel.
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    WORLD 10 BALL CHAMPIONSHIP (6-10 Sep 2021), Las Vegas, 9ft, Winner $35K

    Intere Interesting tidbit, one of those last games looked like Chang was the victim of a bad rack by the ref..
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    John Henderson One Pocket HOF ceremony tonight
  7. crabbcatjohn

    John Henderson One Pocket HOF ceremony tonight

    Mr John Henderson one pocket HOF life time achievement award ceremony live tonight from Buffalo Billiards via pool action tv tonight! Much Deserved! I wish I could be there but I don't arrive until tomorrow. Tune in, should be great!
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    Pool player team on TV show America Says

    Team of pool players are on the tv show America says. They are competing against "The God Squad" Pool players..Mellisa, Ra, Sal, Chris
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    Helmsetter/ Adam ? ID

    Picked up this cue today. Not sure if it's a Helmsetter, Adam or what. It unsigned so I didnt know if that was good or bad... Kind of a freebie thrown in on a group of nicer cues. Rough finish.. Thanks.
  10. crabbcatjohn

    Need BCA Las Vegas tips and tricks

    First time going to the BCA team event in Las Vegas. Traveling Tuesday - Sunday leaving from Nashville. What kind of travel deals, tips for hotels, eating places, suggestions etc. do you use or prefer ?
  11. crabbcatjohn

    One Pocket HOF dinner at DCC

    Copied this from Steve Booths facebook. One Pocket HOF posters, programs and plaques are all ready for next Wed. the 24th 1P Hall of Fame Dinner at Derby City Classic. Ready for MC's Shannon Daulton and Scott Frost and inductees Jeremy Jones and Keith McCready along with family of the late Clem...
  12. crabbcatjohn and Steve Booth

    Hope this is ok here. I needed to share this. Good things do happen in pool. Got this in the mail today.I had the flu for a week and wasn't able to attend the DCC Classic in Louisville. One of my goals this year was to get a poster and have some pro players sign it to auction off for the Special...
  13. crabbcatjohn

    DCC Coverage

    Should there be more bank pool and one pocket coverage at DCC? With the fewer audience members showing interest in the Big Foot, 400 + bank pool players...should there be more bank pool and one pocket coverage at DCC? With the big foot video format now being we have to watch every single boring...
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    Cue deal problem.

    So, advice needed. I sold a cue last week to a guy on here. He asks a bunch of questions about it, specs and stuff I answer them the best i know how. I drop the price a 100 and he PP's the money. No problems, right? He gets the cue today and texts me a few hours later saying "got the cue...
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    Meucci BMC Pro pool cue w/ 2 shafts

    I have a used Bob Meucci Custom BMC pro pool cue SOLD!!
  16. crabbcatjohn

    2014 Pat Diveney

    Selling a 2014 Pat Diveney cue. This cue was bought new by a friend and was lightly used. Very nice Cocobolo butt and AAA Birdseye forearm. Both shafts are from Pat, shaft 2 was the one he used. Shaft 1 is like new. Butt has a few bumps from normal play, but very minor. Points are even...
  17. crabbcatjohn

    Radial Pin?

    So i'm looking to buy a weight forward 4"or so cue extension. I email a dealer on Ebay who has them for sale and the ad says for a radial pin. I ask him if the one for a radial pin has a flat faced joint because the picture looks like a piloted joint. He responds back "there are several styles...
  18. crabbcatjohn

    Bank finals rude fans

    First of all congrats to the Champ. Way to Go JB!! I was at the bank finals with a few friends. It was great to say the least with lots of ups and downs. A few things happened during the finals that were kind of strange... There was this man with a jacket that said action 24/7 on the back...
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    Western Ky. Benefit 8 ball tournament Feb 13

    5th Annual Polar Plunge 8 Ball Pool Tournament Side Pockets Paducah, KY. Sat. Feb 13 Signup 12PM Auction starts at 1:00 sharp. Format; race to three winners side race to 2 loosers. Women get a game on the wire both sides. Played on 7ft and 8ft tables as needed. League rules apply We will have...
  20. crabbcatjohn

    Chalk build up in case

    I have a old case and it has a lot of chalk build up inside of the tubes. It gets on my shafts . I just taped a rubber tube to a small shop vac and ran it up and down inside the tubes. Any other tips on getting the chalk residue out?