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  1. robsnotes4u

    My buddy, "Velvet Dave", a case study in Fargo Ratings

    Here is a great study on my good friend Velvet Dave who has 6400+ games in Fargo Rate Great Job Mike Page Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
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    Congrats to Rory Hendrickson

    Here is a guy that devoted most of his time to raising a daughter, and being General Manager of Fargo Billiards, sitting at the top of the US Open 8 ball. Hopefully it is Shane and him playing tonight. Great friends, who have played thousands of games together. We could call it the border...
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    Derby City Bigfoot Challenge Invitations based on Fargo Ratings
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    What a week for Bergman

    Congratulations to Justin Bergman. First he defeats Dennis in a race to 21. I know it was a tough day for Dennis with his flight situation. Would be tough for anyone. Next he goes undefeated at Smoking Aces, defeating Dennis on the winners side, and in the Championship. 3-0 against Dennis O...
  5. robsnotes4u

    SVB runs a 305 in straight pool

    Practicing for the World Straight Pool Championship Thank God his pool game only consists of his break and racking abilities. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    SVB does a great thing at Fargo Billiards

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks SVB for what you did

    We had a gentleman, Rick Ward, from our pool community pass away at a very young age a few months ago from a car wreck. His fiance, a pool player also, has been unable to play, it has just been too hard. Shane Van Boening was in town for the last five days, and he took the time to play some 9...
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    Name them-CTE Pro One Pros

    Thinking today. Tiger Woods has gone through a few coaches, changed his swing (major changes) a couple times. So I said to myself, "self did he win more or less after the changes?" Then I stopped and thought what about pool. Are the pros who use CTE Pro One winning more than they did before...
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    follow TVMike Streams

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    Keep Up to date with TvMike

    Keep up to date with TVMike's streams, raffles, events and streams by texting Tvmike to 51660. Powered by Sentext Solutions. **You may receive up to 4 messages per week. Message and data rates may apply when sending & receiving text messages. Msgs sent from automated system. Consent not...
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    This could help all of us

    This could help ALL of us, and when I say all I include myself. Have an awesome day everyone
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    GoPro Head Cam

    I have watched a couple of pros run balls using a GoPro Head Cam, the latest was Max Eberle a rack of rotation today on Facebook. It would be interesting to see some 90/90, or "real CTE" guys do it. It definitely gives a great perspective, and I believe is an awesome teaching tool for aiming...
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    Shane wins at Four Bears 8 Ball Classic

    Great Tourney again in New Town, ND at the Four Bears Casino. 9 Ball 1. SVB 2. Dan Louie 8 ball 1. SVB 2. Corey Deuel 3. Rory Hendrickson Final 32 Calcutta had $30,950 in Here are the players, amounts, and payouts
  14. robsnotes4u

    American Rotation

    So how many people have tried Joe Tucker's game American Rotation? I have been playing it quite a bit since I found it. I am a banger, but I believe this game has improved my 9 foot 9 ball and 10 ball game a lot. Playing the 15 ball Rotation has improved my position play, and thought...
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    Thread question

    Say you find a thread, like this one, that you are not interested in. Is there a way to have the thread disappear so I don't see it everytime some one makes a post or bumps it? It would be nice to have such a feature if there isn't one so I don't miss the things I am interested in. Thanks...
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    One ball One pocket Rules

    I sat with SVB at a NDSU football game a couple of years ago and he mentioned playing Chris Gentile a $1000 a game One ball One Pocket. So late last night Jesse Engel, and our local Pro, Rory Hendrickson decided to play the game, but we were not exactly sure on some rules. What happens if your...
  17. robsnotes4u

    Pro One and combos

    Serious question, as I am watching India play Holland Amar Kang makes a 6-9 combo to win the game. Since CTE, Pro One leads you to center pocket, how do you line up combos?
  18. robsnotes4u

    2012 Josey Bacote sneaky

    This is a 2012 Josey Cue, a back up to my nice Josey. The cue has hardly been used. The Shaft is like new with a Kamui Black SS tip. I use a Jacoby shaft on my Josey's. I do have an additional shaft available for and extra $100. Very nice, beautiful Bacote. The grain in the wood jumps out...
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    Fargo Billiards Mid Summer Shootout

    Starts yinight af 6 cst Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2
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    Just watched my last match of Bonus Ball

    This is my personal opinion, and I am not going to argue with anyone about it. These matches have been some of the worst exhibitions of pool I have seen. I would never pay to watch. I have played Bonus Ball, didn't like it, and watching it is even worse. Played in the local pool tournament...