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    Sold Tony Layne Jump/Break cue for sale

    shaft: 5.4oz butt: 15.3oz beautiful diamond wood. great breaker and jumper. ask $850 Paypal add 4%
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    Sold Hercek for sale

    Hercek Made in late 90's. Great full-spliced work. I love the way it plays. Powerful but less deflection. It's not a light cue,but the balance is perfect. You won't feel it's heavy when you hit the balls. Joel made less than 10 cues with metal ring works and inlays. 8 natural diamond inlays on...
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    I'm looking for a LOMAX 3 PIECES JUMP CUE. PM me if you have ones for sale. Thx
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    Beautiful 4-point Dave Barenbrugge for sale

    Hi There is a beautiful 4-point Dave Barenbrugge cue for sale. Cue was built in 2012. It's my daily player cue for many years till I have another new one from Dave. So I asked Dave to do the refinish early this year. all be done just a week ago. Dave makes it like a brand new cue. repainting it...
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    CCCCCCCCCCues for Saleeeeeeeeeeeeee....again

    Joey Bautista for Saleeeeeeeeeeeeee Hi all, As many AZers know,my back was injured,I can't play pool for a very long time. so I decided to set my cues free. All I can say is,they are all very good players and good looking. Although some of them are not in the best condition,but if you're...
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    FS Stunning Jerry Rauenzahn Bushka

    Here is a minty condition Jerry -R- cue. Jet black gabon ebony into straight grain maple. 5 veneers. With MOP inlays. And nice smooth leather wrap. Great player cue,but in some reasons,I have to let it go. Specs: Butt:15.4oz Shaft 1: 4.0oz (12.75mm),brown micarta ferrule,predator player tip...
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    <<LTB:$2000 to spend.Something good?>>

    Looking for a real player cue.My budget is about $2000,NO IVORY,weitht range 19-19.5oz.ONLY custom cues please!:):):) If you have something,E-Mail me