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    Dr Dave, especially just for you, but we can all enjoy :)

    Dr Dave, of all the people who would appreciate the effort and problem solving this guy went to, it would be you.
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    SVB live in China

    Flash is required Links to Alison Chang's website for schedule etc.
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    Chinese 8 ball - SVB vs Yubo

    Live now or
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    9 Ball World championships

    Info on the following links On the esnooker website, Click on the live scoring tab, it will direct you to the current matches being played. The matches that have a "video"...
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    Espring Amway Cup

    Links to info and live stream
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    "FarguMent" vs Mosconi Cup - Do the numbers add up?

    There is probably a thread somewhere, but do the Fargo Rate numbers correctly predict what the Mosconi Cup results are thus far? Open for discussion, and I have popcorn. :) Best to all
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    US Open Live stream

    Most often I am not in favor of PPV and rarely purchase live stream events. In case anyone is on the fence about watching this live, the quality of the stream has been exceptional. On occasion, the mute button works as well. Kudos to the Accu Stats staff and support crew. Best to all.
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    Bulldozer or the Dirt?

    Its all about the break. Shanes break produced a 7 (8?) pack, with 2 golden breaks and thats tough to beat. :thumbup: Sometimes your name is just going to be Dirt. :sorry: :help:
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    Chuck Markulis Finals live now

    SVB vs Oscar D. Race to 11
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    Snooker - China Open Finals

    Eurosport 2 try this link, there are others if googled
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    Historical Evolution of Phillipino pool?

    This thought has crossed my mind a few times and I havent found a satisfying answer. :confused: How, or who brought billiards to the Phillipines? And who is the "Grandfather" of the sport in the Phillipines? I have inquired with a few Phillipino friends, Parica is the first answer that...
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    ESPN3 - Womens WPBA Masters

    LInk >> Broadcast earlier today
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    Womens World 9 Ball Finals

    Live Stream>>
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    Womens World 9 ball - Gao Meng vs Bia Ge

    Live Link >>
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    Asia is on Barry's Radar Screen

    You all are going to get what you asked for. Lets see what happens:D
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    Paragon Tribute Cue

    Greetings all, a while back, Deanoc had what I thought was a splendid idea, which was having a tribute cue made to his Kling table. He gets the credit for the idea. That being said, I followed suit and contacted Bob Owen, he is in the process of building me a tribute cue for my "Paragon"...
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    Photo resizing

    Greetings all what is the procedure for resizing photos so they show correctly in a thread? I posted a pic of a cue in progress in the Test area, but the picture size blows the post size out of proportion. Thanks
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    test photo