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  1. itzel0101

    Warning ⚠️

    I got a message from someone telling me that someone tried to use my name to work out a deal thru a text message you guys need to be careful because It wasn’t me
  2. itzel0101

    Wtb: HALEY / BB / SW cues

    I’m looking for those brands or if you have anything that caliper sent me a message right away cash is ready to go your way!
  3. itzel0101

    Vollmer cues wanted

    I’m looking for vollmer cues,,cash ready!
  4. itzel0101

    ~>~>~> Cues wanted <~<~<~

    looking to buy cues from any price range at a fair price! Money ready .... please send me an email with pics at or text me (702) 551-7869
  5. itzel0101

    Wanted vollmer cues

    Wanted vollmer cues.... please pm me ASAP thanks !
  6. itzel0101

    ~~>~>~>~>~~>Wtb Cues<~~<~<~<~<~~

    Looking for Big ginas / Southwest / Szamboti’s ... pm me ASAP thanks!
  7. itzel0101

    ~>~>~~~~~>> Looking to buy cues <<~~~~~<<~~

    Looking for nice cues at a good price send me a message right away money ready to be sent..: thanks ;)
  8. itzel0101

    ~~>~>~>~>~~>F/S Tascarella Hoppe 2 <~~<~<~<~<~~

    Tascarella hoppe Butt:W15.60oz L29 1/2” 5/16x14 Shaft:W4.30oz L29 1/2” 13.48mm Shaft:W4.30oz L29 1/2” 13.50mm Condition:This cue is in good shape other than few scratches on the joint by taking it in and out the case.. other than that it’s in really nice shape and straight together and apart...
  9. itzel0101

    ~~>~>~>~>~~>F/S Arthur Cue <~~<~<~<~<~~

    Gabon Arthur cue Butt:W15.50oz L29” 3/8x10 Shaft:W3.65oz L29” 12.85mm Condition: this cue is in good shape with only two finish nicks on the butt cap Other than that it’s in good shape and Straight 👍🏻 Price$1k 
  10. itzel0101

    ~~>~>~>~>~~>F/S Prather skull cue <~~<~<~<~<~~

    ~~>~>~>~>~~>F/S Prather skull cue <~~<~<~<~<~~ 💀 Prather skull cue 💀 Butt:W15.70oz L30” 3/8x11 Shaft:W3.30oz L30” 11.80mm Shaft:W3.60oz L30” 12.67mm Shaft:W3.55oz L29” 12.80mm Wrap: black linen Condition: The cue has a few bumps and scratches here and there but overall it’s good shape...
  11. itzel0101

    ~~>~>~>~>~~>F/S Fancy Tad Cue <~~<~<~<~<~~

    Fancy 8pt tad cue Butt:W15.25oz L29” 5/16x18 Shaft:W4.00oz L29” 12.60mm Shaft:W4.15oz L29” 12.94mm Condition: Mint shape Jps: Alton Price$5750
  12. itzel0101

    ~~>~>~>~>~~>F/S Barry Szamboti Hoppe <~~<~<~<~<~~

    Barry szamboti hoppe Butt:W15.5oz L29” 5/16x14 Shaft:W4.20oz L29” 13.05mm Shaft:W4.20oz L29” 13.09mm Joint protectors by Danny sergeon Condition: Few Scratches here and there but overall good shape and straight! $$$PENDING$$$
  13. itzel0101

    ~~>~>~>~>~~> F/S Carbon Shafts <~~<~<~<~<~~

    Carbon shafts Revo 12.9mm 5/16x18 $SOLD! Revo 12.4mm radial $400 Revo 12.9mm radial $400 Revo 12.4mm 3/8x11 $SOLD! Jacoby Blk 12.2mm 5/16x14 SOLD! Pechauer 11.8mm 5/16x14 $SOLD
  14. itzel0101

    ~~>~>~>~>~~>F/S Searing Hoppe <~~<~<~<~<~

    Here’s a beautiful and clean Dennis Searing hoppe cue Butt:W15.10oz L29” 5/16x14 Shaft:W4.05oz L29” 13mm Shaft:W4.20oz L29” 13mm Wrap: Stack leather wrap Conditon: Good shape and straight Price$SOLD
  15. itzel0101

    ~~>~>~>~>~~~>F/S Gabon Southwest Cue <~~<~<~<~<~

    here’s a beautiful one owner gabon/Bem Southwest Butt:W16.08 315-04 Shaft:W3.30oz 12.85mm Shaft:W3.25oz 12.83mm Condition:It has a few marks and a few minor bumps here and there, but overall good shape and all original It also comes with the original receipt Price$5750
  16. itzel0101

    ~>~>~>~>~~<> F/S James White Cue <>~~<~<~<~<~

    James White cue Butt:W15.25oz L29” 3/8x10 Shaft:W3.50oz L29” 11.80mm Shaft:W3.70oz L29” 12.80mm Condition:This cue is in nice condition other than few finish nicks under the butt cap.. but other than that it’s in really good shape! Price$GONE 
  17. itzel0101

    ~>~>~>~>~~<>F/S Tascarella Hoppe <>~~<~<~<~<~

    Tascarella hoppe Butt:W15.15oz L29” 5/16x14 Shaft:W3.95oz L29” 12.46mm Shaft:W4.65oz L29” 12.60mm Wrap:Stack leather wrap Condition: It’s in pretty nice condition other than one shaft has some color dye on the finish close to the joint That could easily be fixed by taking the old finish and...
  18. itzel0101

    ~>~>~>~>~~<>F/S Southwest Cue <>~~<~<~<~<~

    SOUTHWEST CUE Butt:W16.22oz 367-09 Shaft:W3.84oz 13.05mm Shaft:W3.73oz 13.00mm Condition: Has two finish nicks and few minor scratches but overall still good shape ... please take a look at the pictures thanks.... If you’re looking for a true player here it is guys don’t miss out! $SOLD
  19. itzel0101

    ~>~>~>~~>Wtv Szamboti’s <~~<~<~<~

    Looking for Szamboti cues ..... Please text me or send me a message ASAP thanks!
  20. itzel0101

    ~>~>~>~~> Special Jerry Franklin <~~<~<~<~

    Enjoy the pics :wink: