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  1. Nick B

    A glimpse of Wu

    We have a large Asian community here and all the Chinese Halls have them. Great table to tighten up your potting but otherwise always feel a little gaffy. That plus the fact they play 8-ball makes it difficult at times to defend yourself. Balls against the rail need to be hit perfect and even...
  2. Nick B

    When you can't get natural angle;.... do you use draw or follow?

    It's "never" 50/50. It always favors one way or the other. But by default it would be forward. If I'm really flat and close to the rail as diagrammed I would go rail first or slide off it and play a containing safe.
  3. Nick B

    This made me laugh so hard - I thought to share it so you can laugh too! Fluke of the year.

    It's mine but it does sound very Grady-like. There is a clip of Grady playing Efren One Pocket. Grady has Efren in trouble and Efren tries something that Grady felt was a little lucky and he proclaims that it was the "greatest shot he has ever seen".
  4. Nick B

    One pocket WWYD - After Break

    Yes. Wait for better opportunity. Kicking 3 or 4 rails if you leave a ball is probably going to cost you 4~6 balls.
  5. Nick B

    The Siberian Express is About to Roll

    1000 and a free punch in the face.
  6. Nick B


    Is it just me or is Webber and Earl brothers separated at birth?
  7. Nick B

    Tyler Styer on Team USA

    Now all USA needs is Oscar and I would put them at a 2.5:1 Dog but that would be their best shot.
  8. Nick B


    Hope they bring back Michaela Tabb
  9. Nick B

    Who will be Europe's 5th Mosconi player

    They paved paradise and put up a parking lot
  10. Nick B

    Canadian custom cue maker/ cue smith list and province location

    Want a leather wrap put on a wrapless cue. Anyone have a recommendation to do the work?
  11. Nick B

    Thanks Jay

    Come got one more in the tank
  12. Nick B

    Got talked into my first league night

    Do you feel dirty? How many showers did you take after?
  13. Nick B

    SVB vs Chang Update Thread

    I don't understand why everyone here is so bum hurt. They decided like men to stop at 115 and then do another 40 the next day. They only are beholden to each other and their backers. Everyone else has an opinion and a belly button. Regardless if I bet or was just watching from interest I...
  14. Nick B

    One Pocket Action Match of the year!

    Not sure that's a Lomax shaft (based on ferule length)...but it might be.
  15. Nick B

    SVB vs Chang Update Thread

    SVB doing what SVB does. The legend continues...
  16. Nick B


    Watch some One Hole. It's part of a good pool diet. It does a body good.
  17. Nick B

    Interesting pool story in the news

    About 10 min after Biado won I wondered to myself how much of the 50K he would actually keep. I figure the prize money would have to double and we need at least 50% more tournament calendar to make the math work for at least the Top 20. Anything else and it's just a passion project. Matchroom...