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  1. Nick B

    So you don't think Matchroom is making a difference...

    When have we ever seen this in the last 20 years. Nice to see.
  2. Nick B

    2021 Diamond Las Vegas Open - Streaming Link

    2021 Diamond Las Vegas Open Anyone know where the brackets and stream can be found. I did a bunch of hunting and came up with zero...
  3. Nick B

    Earthquake Vs. Jose Parica

    Another great Accu-Stats match from the vault. Earthquake Vs. Jose Parica! and as an added bonus you get a view of our very own JAM.
  4. Nick B

    Mosconi 2019-Secret Weapon JJ

    Great win by team USA. Johan deserves the credit he is getting for bringing USA back but alas I can't seem to think the Double J has a lot to do with it. He's obviously triple smart (just listen to him commentate) and his laid back but reassuring method seems to really go over well with the...
  5. Nick B

    Team CSI vs Team USA

    Not sure if this was mentioned...this would be a decent test. Team CSI is no joke. From article: Team USA to take on Team CSI in warm-up match at Griff’s Billiards Matchroom Multi Sport are delighted to...
  6. Nick B

    Feb 14&15th - Toronto Area

    In Toronto (staying by airport) and available to play Feb 14th or 15th. Planning on coming to corner bank but have a car and can go elsewhere. Drop me a PM if you want to play.
  7. Nick B

    US OPEN Winner - Hall of Fame Implications

    Winning this years US Open would put some people in automatic get into Hall mode. Assuming that the following are locks once they reach 40 (stop playing pool now and never do another thing: 1. SVB 2. Alex P 3. Thorsten Hohmann (my pick...some might argue this one) The following list goes in...
  8. Nick B

    Back to Vegas

    In Vegas Oct 20th - 23rd. Will be at Griff's every afternoon. Anyone who wants to meet up and hit some balls can ping me. FYI have a car and can go elsewhere (but prefer Mark's place).
  9. Nick B

    Vegas Baby - July 17th~21st

    As per usual every time I got to Vegas I post here in search of a game or two. Usually doesn't work out to well but we Canadian's are a stubborn bunch. In Vegas July 17th~21st to watch the Pro 10 ball at Griff's. Have a car and can meet anywhere. Would prefer to play One Pocket but open to...
  10. Nick B

    Here we go again - Vegas Feb 5th~9th

    Going to Vegas Feb 5th ~ 9th and would love to hit some balls with fellow AZB Forum members. Any game as long as it's on a 9 footer or larger. There on business and thus only available afternoons. I will have a car and can come to pretty much any hall / home. In the past this has been a...
  11. Nick B

    VEGAS VEGAS VEGAS - June 28th~Sept 1st

    Rather than revive an old thread i figured this time I would start from scratch. I come to Vegas three to four times a year and don't have a lot of luck finding games. Well here we go again. In for business and available every afternoon Aug 28th through Sept 1st. I play everything equally...
  12. Nick B

    Coming to Las Vegas July 7-11th

    This is a straight copy from a previous post with new dates.... In Vegas on business and have afternoons free to hit balls. July 7th-11th and have a car so can come to you. I play anything but please no bar box. Many people mean well but tell you to go play such and such over there. Thank you...
  13. Nick B

    The Corner Bank - March 6th or 8th

    I'm coming to GTA on business and want to see for myself the Corner Bank. Anybody want to spar on: Sunday Mar 6th - Late PM or Evening or Tuesday Mar 8th - Evening I play all the games (even One Pocket) but would prefer not to play snooker so as to try the Diamonds out. Drop a note here or...
  14. Nick B

    Visiting Vegas - Feb 14th~18th

    In Vegas on business and have afternoon free to hit balls. Feb 14~18th and have a car so can come to you. I play anything but please no bar box. Many people mean well but tell you to go play such and such over there. Thank you but I'm not on the hustle and don't need to sneak up on anyone...
  15. Nick B

    Hey fast lenny! I want a refund!

    OK Mr. Fast Lenny or whatever you call yourself. I WANT A REFUND. Because you are so cheap I had to wait longer than the rest of you to get my DVD. Well after the US and Canadian Post do their thing, I crack open my envelope. There is Scott's mug snarling at me to watch. Unluckly for me...
  16. Nick B

    Lack of Websites or even FB for Pro Players

    I don't start many threads but this topic is close to my heart. Most pro players will often lament about the lack of money and recognition the game we all love provides for them. Poor paying tournaments. Lack of sponsorship. ETC ETC. Well kids. How about doing the minimum. Have a current...
  17. Nick B

    Barry Hearn please finish the job

    If Barry Hearn can sell Darts to the English....surely he can finish the job with cue sports. This link is not the whole story as it aired but you'll get the idea. He would probably end up owning the sport but we could do with a worse devil. Seems to be currently concentrating on snooker and...
  18. Nick B

    Best line from TAR35 - day 1

    Day 1 was great. Justin was gold behind the mic. I forgot how good he could be. This was the best line from day 1. I told the kid to leave the Mr. T. starter kit at home. Hey Justin...get Cotton to tell us a few stories from his book. I read it and it was great. Thx Again. Nick B
  19. Nick B

    Where is the SVB vs Earl Stream?

    I thought it started at April 9th at 7PM EST? Ustream show insidepool off the air. Nick
  20. Nick B

    It's official - I HATE Jay Helfert / Pool Wars

    Yesterday bought Pool Wars by Jay Helfert (eBook version). It's official I hate the guy. Could not put it down. Got zero work done. Spent two hours on "the throne" only to collapse on a hard tiled floor because my legs fell asleep. Should take me to the end of the week before I get my life...