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  1. cuesblues

    Looking for a 5/16-14 butt

    I have an original OB wrapless 5/16-14 piloted Nice cue Straight, black collar, all kinds of shafts match it nicely and weight is adjustable $250 shipped
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    NEW JUST IN David Kikel Hustler Style Cue Inlaid Points & Saturn Rings

    BRAND NEW JUST ARRIVED Dave Kikel Cue Hustler style with inlaid points, not made from a blank Purple heart with Saturn rings-permambuco-teal impregnated curly-purple heart 58" cue, radial pin, nicely matched 13mm shafts $old PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING Brand new cue, straight, new condition Butt...
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    Sold Nice Sugartree No Wrap Cue For Sale

    Wrapless Sugartree For sale Cocobolo with birdseye maple handle Micro rings at all positions Excellent condition, straight, supposed to be unplayed but I don't know Sold Shipping is included 3/8-10, 58" cue Butt weight.....14.94 oz. Shaft#1...............3.80 oz. 13.1 mm...
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    szamboti or searing wanted

    I have a couple nice Barrys I am going to sell
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    Help me find this cue!

    I will for sure
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    Help me find this cue!

    Dave is making about 12 cues a year but he is not taking orders or doing repair work. I am Dave's only dealer and I got 7 cues this year. After the 1st of the year I will get a few more cues, probably about 10 as the year progresses, but he basically builds what he wants to build and I sell...
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    Buyer beware

    The guy is extremely busy. Between phone calls it's all I can do to take a few pics and get a cue posted for sale in one forum, and I'm retired with nothing else to do. This joker is a real eager beaver, and with the correct guidance might be a very productive member of society.
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    Monster cues?

    I'm selling a Bob Frey cue and the shaft weighs 4.73 ounces, radial pin shaft, not even a brass insert. I consider a 4.73 shaft a monster, thus a monster cue. Just because the cue is a monster it doesn't mean it will hit good No guarantee when monsters are involved. If you like the term...
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    Tammie Jones

    My condolences to all of Tammies friends & family
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    Veneers or Recut? You like one better?

    I've always preferred veneers over recuts, however some cuemakers make amazing recuts. The Richard Harris Bluegrass cues from the Bushwaker collection I sold recently were the coolest recut cues I have seen.
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    Is this predator cue worth refinishing

    I've had a few Predator cues refinished, and in some situations it is better to send the cue to Predator. For instance if you have to lose the Predator logo or decal, or if you have to replace one of those weird wraps Predator would be a better deal. There is always Proficient Billiard, Paul...
  12. cuesblues

    SOLD - 7 Uniloc shafts $175 for all

    I will take them
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    Project Tomahawk ferrule material.

    I couldn't make up my mind what size rod to buy so I bought one of each. Terrific ferrule material
  14. cuesblues

    Ball with no number

    I played bumper pool at the Playboy club in Denver when I was 12 years old. She could play, stone cold hustler. Other than that I hate bumper pool.
  15. cuesblues

    Ball with no number

    I hate bumper pool
  16. cuesblues

    Rare Danny Tibbitts 12-pointer, snakewood and BEM

    Cool cue Very rare
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    Where does SVB rank all time?

    Those top pro players must be some pretty fucking good railbirds Maybe Josh Filler, Dennis, and Efren will all chime in and straighten everybody out. Seriously, the dumb people on AZ are all we have because the top pros typically do not post. This is an open forum where people want opinions...
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    Where does SVB rank all time?

    I think this is a well thought out group. My favorite all around player is Sigel but SVB is way up there in my opinion. SVB is close to the very top, especially when discussing American only players. I have seen Shane torture very good players giving them the 4 & out and they didn't win a game...
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    I agree the safe return of the Haley cue is the deal here, and at this point it would be interesting to know what is happening with the tracking. Also not to pick on kookoo, but had he shipped as many cues as me in the last three years, the kookoo experience would be different. Priority mail...