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    Mike Dechaine is still a top 5 american player

    I completely agree Mike Dechaine should be on the team. SVB is the ONLY American with a Fargo of +800 (Skylar is almost there) while ALL of team Europe has Fargos of +800. In a long race winner break format literally any player on Team Europe would have to give some weight to any of the...
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    The little black ball

    My guess is they accidentally shipped it with your case and its a piece to something else that particular warehouse carries/ships out. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
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    Anyone know this Schon cue?

    So I came across this cue being sold at a pawn shop (these are the only pics I have, sorry) I see the condition isn't great and I have concerns that it may be fake. I dont know much about Schons but this one is being sold at a very affordable price and im thinking of buying it. Is there anyone...
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    8' Brunswick (Houston TX) cues accessories etc

    I'm trying to sell this as a package deal to someone local (Houston TX area) I will separate and ship the cues IF IT COMES TO THAT but again would much prefer to sell all together, not in any rush either. $900 for everything on AZ, I have this listed on other sites for $1000 *8ft Brunswick...
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    Lucasi Air Hog shaft for Breaking?

    Sorry in advance if this is in the wrong area on AZ. I've been reading this site for years and still don't really know where to post certain things or how to CORRECTLY use the search. So I play with with a Lucasi Custom (LZSP2) cue with the standard zero flexpoint low deflection shaft that came...
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    Pool matches/videos online

    I'm sure this has been covered a bazillion times (and I've read some of the posts I'm speaking about) so no need to hate on me for writing this lol. Why is there no (none that I can find at least) sites out there that just charge a flat monthly fee, nothing insane but maybe $10 or $12, to...
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    Aramith Crown Standard Balls

    The balls are in pretty good shape overall, except the 9-ball which has a small knick also the 9 ball is not original to the set and is from a Premier or Premium Aramith set (I can't remember lol). The set is pretty old but is cheap and plays good! I think new these retail for around $110. I...
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    ARAMITH Disney Collector's Ball Set

    SOLD!! Never been played with and in great shape! Made from Phenolic Resin they're nearly 20 years old and produced in limited quantity. I just cleaned them up (not that they needed it) yesterday before taking the pictures. Made for English 8-ball (blackball) they feature Mickey on one set...
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    Sets of Aramith Balls and Brunswick Centennials

    FS or Trade for uni-loc Predator or OB shaft/s possibly OBO. From left to right.... Used Aramith Standard set in pretty good shape with red dot cue ball. The 9-ball is from a Premier set because I lost the original. Comes with the box..... $45 includes shipping CONUS Just a tray of loose...
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    Tip replacement Houston area?

    Can anyone recommend me to someone in the Houston Area that does tip replacements? Ive never done it before and don't want to screw it up lol. I live in the League City area about 25min south of downtown houston. Thanks! Sent from my LG-H872 using Tapatalk
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    New&Used cloth repost w/ new pics and prices

    Sold almost all the Simonis I had heres whats left, open to cash and trade offers. Pictures #1 and #2 ($60 shipped obo) USED Simonis 920 (Royal Blue?) NEW Simonis (Spruce?) Theres enough of the blue to cover a 7ft bed and the long rails use the spruce for the short rails you would also have...
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    My buddy has this lathe its located in Baytown Texas he's asking $300 cash. He's not a pool player so he probably isn't looking for any trades but I might would buy it from him and trade for something I'm sure we could work something out. I figured someone could use it for cue repairs or...
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    Cases, Balls, Cheap Cues. nothing too fancy. Sell/TRADE

    Selling/Trading some extra stuff I have I'm looking for a new case 2x2 or bigger, Uni-loc joint protectors, uniloc cue extension, shafts etc. Could use a new jump cue or break cue (no heavy hitters or bigger than 13mm tips plz) open to all offers Brunswick Centennials ($100 + Shipping) Comes...
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    Have this listed on Craigslist under Barter in Houston Tx

    Wanted to see if anyone (local) might wanna trade for a nice cue asking $625 cash or trade would prefer around $700 in trade value but im open to offers or cash plus trade. Its a Troy-Built Flex with 28" Mowing Deck, Pressure Washer amd Dethatcher heres the link...
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    Liberty Group Lucasi??

    Anyone know anything about Lucasi cues that have a decal that read "The Liberty Group" on them? I'm assuming they were ordered from Lucasi and distributed to employees of The Liberty Group for some event or something. I've seen two of these online recently and just curious about when they were...
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    Simonis and Championship Cloth

    Reposting with new pics and info.
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    Players Jump/Break JB8 WTT

    Sold no longer available
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    Pechauer cue identification...

    Thanks for the help.
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    Help with a Brunswick Table...

    So I've been looking for a nice cheap (I know those words dont belong together) pool table and I think I might have found one. I dont have money to go out an buy a pro-am and I'm just looking for something to put out in the garage for few years until I'm able to upgrade to the table I want...
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    Vintage Fischer 8ft table questions...

    I might be purchasing an old Fischer table, a lot is unknown and I'm going to see it today. I'm no expert (not even close lol) and was hoping to get some more information on this table. I know its hard to say anything for sure with just the pictures I'm posting and I'm not sure if I'm posting...