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    Nothing special but I like it

    I picked up a pool cue the other day it's a player's c960 with the purex low deflection 11.75mm shaft on it with a medium tiger Everlast tip and the lucasi hard case and a vapor glove and sent a couple weight bolts and spent like 170 for all...
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    Money well spent

    Just got my table refinish and got the bronze dynaspere pool balls set I'm loving it just wish it cost a little less then 610 all labor and drive but it was worth it
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    Opinions please on a cue

    I'm just trying to see if anyone has had any experience with the players c-960 with a pure x LD shaft. As I am thinking about buying one. Would it be worth the $170ish and is it a good playing cue. I have never had any experience with them but the lifetime warranty against warpage and the...
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    Leather pocket advise

    My leather pocket has a few rips and I don't have leather glue. Is there any other glue that will work good. I heard contact cement. But I also heard garrola glue. Any one had experience in this field
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    How to level a pool table when the floor you have it on moves

    I'm trying to put floor jacks under the pool table in the basement so the floor would stop moving and it moves the balls a little bit what is the best possible way to level the pool table and not have the floor move
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    Worst and best cue you have ever used

    Just off the wall question. What was the worst cue you ever played with. For me it would be a eastpoint that my friend bought from Walmart after I told him not to. Talk about a deflection shaft lol my cheap Taiwan house cue that was free hit better. And best would be a throw up of my...
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    Pool table

    Just wondering if this was the old commercial grade table like a gold crown
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    Table quality

    Just wondering what you all think of this table I've had it for years and got it for around 600. It's just I like the table and am redoing it but my buddy is a die hard diamond fan and says it's junk and not worth redoing and to go get a diamond and redo it lol. The slate it about an inch...
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    Looking for pool table mechanic

    I need a pool table refelting service and bumper and level it. I have all the materials just want a pro to put it all on. I'm located in kirkman Iowa if someone knows someone that is closed then 70mi from there please let me know. Thanks in advance. As the only one I have found it going to...
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    Need a pro to refelt my pool table

    I need someone to refelt, rebumper, and level my table. I have all the materials and just want to make sure it gets done right the first time. It's a 7ft AMF playmaster 3 peace slate. I have sims 860 8ft cloth with the rail parts already cut. I have iszy faceings, I have the k66 pro...
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    Aramith or not

    Is there a way to tell if my old pool balls are aramith or not as I'm putting new felt on and don't want any ball burns. And really see the cue is the only thing that could burn the table would I be safe just getting a red dot cue ball by aramith I'll send...
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    Refelt and bumper a table

    I'm looking for what it will cost and to find someone near kirkman Iowa that is good at refelting a 7 ft AMF playmaster table. I have all the supplies and considered doing it myself but thinking it might be better for a pro to do it. I have bought 8ft simmons 860 cloth. Pro series k66...
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    AMF playmaster

    I have a 7ft AMF playmaster. It plays good and I enjoy the table but the felt is not the best. Just wondering what are all your guys opinions on the table compared to say a brunswick witch I believe AMF bought them out at one point of time but I could be wrong. And I'm buying...
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    Pool cue identification

    I'm not real familiar on my cue brands and stuff to do with Them I just know how to use them and how they perform so hopefully you can help. . first cue is a viking I bought cheap at a garage sale and it has obviously had the shaft...