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  1. gypsy_soul

    Mario He Team USA

    Mario He confirmed for Team USA . It’s on now
  2. gypsy_soul

    US OPEN coverage

    So this is the us open and they are all about Judd Trump . He played twice today on the TV table instead of our USA #1 Player Shane ! I’m not understanding, things sure have changed !!!!!
  3. gypsy_soul

    Ironman Motocross

    Any AZers going to the Ironman Motocross Race August 28th in Crawfordsville Indiana ? I have a camping spot reserved Thursday-Sunday AZers welcome to the party . Also anything around there , I wanna get out and play some strangers !!!!!! Leaving Texas in the morning headed that way I can make...
  4. gypsy_soul

    Impossible SugarTree Shaft

    I’ve Emailed Eric 4 months ago and 3 weeks ago asking for a shaft or two for my SugarTree cue . I know he is busy and hope all is well . I also know that me needing 2 shafts is not a big deal but a cue without a shaft is useless. I broke one shaft and the other has a slight roll to it . Need...
  5. gypsy_soul

    WTB Tiger Pro-X 11.75mm shaft with 5/16-14 pin

    ……..Just bought one thanks 😊
  6. gypsy_soul

    Need matching Sugartree Shaft

    Need matching Sugartree shaft . Not sending my cue off , it’s a basic sugar shaft , need a shaft not tampered with / original taper and straight as an arrow lol ! Thanks and here is a picture of the shaft I need . Lol , not asking for much lol !!!!!!😎
  7. gypsy_soul


    They tried getting the Gypsy guys …. Watch for them , they tried getting me to send $ for a shaft but couldn’t complete a sentence and sent a random picture of cue . I asked him to call me over and over but no call , just asked how I’m paying lol 😂 !!!! If it sounds fishy, RUN 🏃🏽‍♂️
  8. gypsy_soul

    Wtb Sugartree shaft

    Need a Sugartree shaft with this ring work …. Thanks
  9. gypsy_soul

    Josey 6 point 1999

    I have a 1999 Josey 6 point cue All original 19.3 ounces , shaft is 12.5 ..... It looks awesome ... I’ve been hitting some with it last year but I just can’t get use to a wrap . I just picked up a Sugartree so I’m letting this one go . It’s perfectly straight , finish is in great shape as well ...
  10. gypsy_soul

    Dino cue / John Nimmic cue

    Looking for a Dino / Nimmic cue outa Dallas Tx ... Want the one with steal pin not the wooden one . Want one original not tampered with , like the shaft not whittled down ! Thanks
  11. gypsy_soul

    Vivian Villarreal got them again

    Just tried to cancel my flight and it's to late ... Hotel + Flight wow !
  12. gypsy_soul

    Bella Vista Arkansas

    Well I'm up here in Bella Vista Arkansas riding Mountain Bikes 🚴🏼.... Anyone wanna do some riding for $ . I would say we could play some pool for money but u guys don't seem to like that .....So I'm here and if any AZers wanna do the back 40 for some $ I'm DOWN / 9 ball /both !!!! It's only $
  13. gypsy_soul

    MXDN at Redbud

    Any AZers going to the MXDN in October ? Camping is sold out at the race . I have a campsite 5 miles away from track but wanna be at the track camping ⛺️. If one a you guys have a campsite I would happily pay 80 a day to be on the Redbud grounds for the party that's gonna go down ! I've never...
  14. gypsy_soul

    CSI talk

    CSI running things huh . So just because a guy is getting drilled in his (league match ) and he cries about it they disqualify someone in Vegas ..... maybe CSI should figure this out way ahead of time before just ****ing someone in Vegas .... but y'all make the rules CSI .... hope y'all learn...
  15. gypsy_soul

    Daytona Supercross/ pool

    Well , the Gypsy is here . Any AZers going to Supercross and or wanna play some pool? PM me . Have a good one !
  16. gypsy_soul

    Pool players asking for sponsors

    Have seen Pool Players on AZ / internet asking for sponsors to pay for their pool excursion's ! Get a job or a second job . They have no shame . I'm just old school but gosh , a tournament is only 65-150 to enter motels are 50-75 per night and gas is cheap ! If you can't afford that then put in...
  17. gypsy_soul

    Freezing the Balls while racking your own ?

    So I had something happen while playing the Scotty T Memorial Tournament last weekend . I've played some tournaments sure , but mostly I like action . So I'm in the loser's bracket ,not the B side as they call it sometimes but the LOSERS bracket lol I'm playing Justin Hall he is on the hill and...
  18. gypsy_soul

    Hennessey from Tennessee drills Sky 11-3

    Heard Sky came to MCO cuz it was easy money ! Well good luck with that magic rack ...... Two people ran 10 packs. I ran four on a guy and said to myself that this is a joke and felt like a kid picking on a smaller kid ! It's so easy! No thanks ! I know y'all like to see it while sitting on the...
  19. gypsy_soul

    Music City early action

    I'm coming in early to play in the tournament... anyone want to get in some action one pocket/9 ball? holla 214.937.1972
  20. gypsy_soul

    Looking for a HAGGER Case wtb

    John Hagger SR made cue cases about 10 years ago. Never took off like they should've . Time wasn't right I guess but best case I ever had . I want one ! Most probably around Georgia . Thanks ....wtb