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  1. tjlmbklr

    Thoughts on these for 1/4 inch facings?

  2. tjlmbklr

    My reputation is proceeding me: I need MORE advice on how pros would do these pockets

    My reputation is preceeding me: I need MORE advice on how pros would do these pockets Most of you that frequent this section know my story. If not the short version is I did a table restore project (just a DIY guy) and although did really good on a lot of it, I screwed up and put my rail...
  3. tjlmbklr

    Anyone have a few inch long piece of K55 they can send me? I'll pay shipping

    If you are following my plethora of posts you already know why I need it. Let me know if you have a piece and Ill pay you to ship it here. Thanks.
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    Mistakes were made, now to fix it as cheaply as possible - advice please

    If you frequent here you know what I am talking about. With that said before you read on (Please read on) Does anyone know if a cloth manufacture will sell just the rail pieces? After 3 month long project I was very happy to start playing on my new table. Post HERE. Then the issues...
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    Tip replacement in the Phoenix are, preferably while I wait

    Someday I'll be set up to do my own tip replacements but for now I have to rely on someone else. Does anyone know of a good trust worthy place to have a tip put on in the Phoenix area, preferable the west valley?
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    New table set up and it's playing long

    I just completed setup of my table. Brand new ProForm 23oz high speed cloth with new Championship Tour Edition rubber. I am also using a brand new Aramith cue ball. My standard test for checking my rails is 3 rail kick with running english to corner pocket, one rail kick (no english) end rail...
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    exactly 2 months & 23 days later my full table restoration is complete.

    Disclaimer: I am not a table mechanic, I never claimed to be one. I will not show all my work because I am sure it was done wrong or I already recognize what I did wrong. With this project came a new respect for those who actually are table mechanics, I am not good but I am good enough to know...
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    I bought this set of Aramith Premium on Marketplace, any way to tell if they are legi

    They have been tucked away for months while my table was being restored. I only pulled the CB out recently to roll it across my table to check the level and noticed it doesn't have the signature Aramith logo on it. It's possible he swapped the CB over the years but now I'm concerned, are these...
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    Help! Filling seems and screw holes; am I using the wrong kind of beeswax?

    EDIT: I figured it out how to lesson it a bit but I still have a slight concaved area right over the screw. I am on the final stretch of my table restoration. What I didn't realize up until recently the used table i bought to restore is an oversize 8' (46"x92"). No problem by me, that is...
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    Confused what profile I need for my cushions replacement (pics included)

    EDITED: Found my answer. I'll leave this post up in the event it can help someone else. I found a local retailer that had K55 and K66 in stock. I brought a rail there and we sized it up and compared my measurements, we were convinced I had K66 before. And after asking around it seems the...
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    Set of 6 leather drop pockets with tassles

    **PRICE REDUCED** I am looking to sell these. I am doing a table restoration project and the table will now be black. These pockets will not work and dying them is not worth the effort. There are a few scuffs but it's leather, it can be buffed out. $65 you pay shipping. I assume pockets...
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    I have a question about pocket down angles, mine are about 8°

    I was told for tighter pockets like I am doing at 1/2" smaller that 12-15° down and 141° / 102° opening is best. Because I am tightening up my pockets by 1/2" I want them to be tight but forgiving not like my old Ohausen at 145° that rattled everything. My pockets angles seem right but its...
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    How many luman's and what color temp do you think is good for my table's light?

    I intend to build my tables light from scratch. It will of course be LED and will be a wood box like a Diamond light. I figured I like woodworking and I want a project with an opportunity to make it match my table. What color temp do you think is good? I like 5000k or higher for a workshop...
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    Question for you tight pocket junkies and table modifications:

    Disclaimer: the 'Talk to a Mechanic' section seems dead lately. So I am posting this here. In the past on my first table (Olhausen) I went the "extended subrail route but sold that table years back and now 10+ years later I am in the process of restoring/setting up a new table. What we...
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    Facing thickness and hardness for Accu-fast cushions

    I have a table I am redoing that I upgraded the rail rubber with Accu-fast cushions and know that it's recommended to use harder facings since they are a softer rubber so what durometer? I see Classic Billiards has 75 Durometer, would these be good? What about thickness, keep it standard?
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    Dying leather drop pockets, anyone ever do it?

    I have been a posting fool these last few weeks, so forgive me if you keep seeing my posts. I am in the process of refinishing/restoring a furniture grade leather drop pocket table. I want to go with a dark finish, very dark like ebony but the pockets are brown. I don't want to spend more on new...
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    Sorry, another pocket angle thread

    As I inch closer to the day I redo my table with new cloth and new rubber I fulling intend to make the pockets play the best they can. I have miter saw, a digital angle finder and experience woodworking as well as set up a table or 3. So what is the best angles to shoot for; [corners] 141° and...
  18. tjlmbklr

    If not Simonis, than what?

    If Simonis 860/860HR is not an option for you whether it be cost or availability, what would you go with as a backup? Bear in mind I am asking (obviously) because I want the best bang for the buck but without the hefty price tag for a home table to just have for family fun and knocking a few...
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    Replacing K66 cushions, any reason to not get Accu-Fast?

    I am restoring a table, actually more like making a halfway decent table I got for free into something I can be proud of and happy to have in my house. I had an Olhausen in the past and liked how well the rails responded and the fact they give lifetime warranty makes me wonder if I should just...
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    Who here refinished a pool table and wants to talk me out of it?

    Serious, not serious! :confused: I chose to ask this here as the mechanic section seems to be very quite these days. I picked up a nice furniture grade leather drop pocket table on the cheap, like free if I came and got it. Since he helped me take it apart and load it in my truck I still...