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  1. tduncan

    Opinions on JOSS cues

    Opinion? They are the nutz:)
  2. tduncan

    F/S: Two JOSS shafts (dash ringwork)

    Hey guys! I have two JOSS high end ferrule shafts for sale. Outstanding shafts. Made in 2011 so wood has aged nicely. Both are dead straight. Shaft 1: 29 1/2 in . 12.8mm . 4.1oz Shaft 2: 29 1/2 in . 12.9mm . 4.2oz $old Shipped I would like to sell as a pair but will separate possibly...
  3. tduncan

    1970s JOSS/Joss West shaft Fits 3/8x10

    1970s JOSS or Joss West shaft. Awesome shaft here. I was saving it in case I needed it to match a cue but that doesn't look like it will happen. Nice dark brown wood. Straight! Nice ferrule. 2nd Gen NOS Morri tip with red pad. Ready for action! 28.5 in 3.7 oz. 13.8mm (not a typo)...
  4. tduncan

    >>1970s JOSS cue block letter logo<<<

    Here is a nice old 1970s JOSS cue made & engraved by Dan Janes. Original condition cue with one original shaft. Cue is in great shape for its age & has nice points/veneers. Plays great as they all do:) Cue has some dings etc. Pleas see photos. Butt has a hair of a lift at the joint when...
  5. tduncan

    1974 JOSS Cue Block letter logo

    Very sharp old Dan Janes custom JOSS cue here. All original cue with the 3/8x10 pin it has some imperfections, only from normal use for 40 years. A lot of detail in this cue with a highly figured BEM front. There is a name engraved opposite of the JOSS engraved logo. All is straight. NOS...
  6. tduncan

    F/S: JOSS shafts-black collar

    Here are a couple of nice matched JOSS shafts from 2013. Nice aged wood & roll perfect. Used very minimally. These will fit all modern day JOSS cues with 5/16x14 pin. Specs below. Joss joint protector included. Shaft 1: 13.1 mm 4.3 oz 29 in. SOLD Shaft 2: 13.1mm 4.1 oz. 29 in...
  7. tduncan

    Meucci factory tour Hope the link works.
  8. tduncan

    F/S: 1986 JOSS cue (time capsule)

    Here is one killer cue from JOSS Cues during the Color of Money time...Original 1986 condition cue one shaft only test hit (by me). All rolls perfect & the logos line up as they should. Killer shaft wood. Nice deep brown. Original ferrules & natural inlay material throughout. The finish has...
  9. tduncan

    For Sale: New JOSS shafts, stitch ring

    All Sold...........
  10. tduncan

    F/S: Monster Tim Scruggs Calendar Cue

  11. tduncan

    Help identifying Joss cue

    Here is the catalog its from. circa 1989-1990. No crystal leisure or anything else. Just a standard Joss cue. I guess model J-16.
  12. tduncan

    For Sale: 1970s JOSS shafts w/stitch rings

  13. tduncan

    For Sale: Super Aramith Pro Balls-Used

    Here is a set of Super Aramith Pro balls. The set is in great used condition. No nicks or gouges ect. I just hand polished them & they are ready to play. Comes with original box & original cue ball. $old shipped Priority. No Trades. Please PM any questions. Thanks.
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    First Janes

    Here is some news!
  15. tduncan

    Vintage 1970s JOSS cue (block letter logo)

    A very cool old 1970s JOSS cue made by Dan Janes. Refinished & new wrap installed a couple of years ago by JOSS cues. Unplayed since. Only flaw is one inlay is either cracked or has deep scratches. I decided to leave alone during the refinish. Pics are below. Thanks. -Original hand...
  16. tduncan

    2017 WPA 9ball World Champ.

    Has there been a date set yet? I can't seem to find any information on it. Maybe not looking in the correct pace?:smile-us-down:
  17. tduncan

    F/S: JOSS N17 (1991 Custom Series)

    For sale is 1991 JOSS Custom N17. Cue is sound & straight & in excellent condition. Comes with original shaft & logos line up straight when assembled. Butt: 29 inches 14.9 oz. Shaft: 29 inches 3.6 oz. 12.3 mm $old Shipped Priority No Trades.