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  1. andywho

    Wtb kamui Black Tips

    Like the title says. I'm looking for 2-3 kamui black super soft and soft tips. Looking for the best price. Thanks
  2. andywho

    Troy Downey & Bk2

    I have a wrapless troy Downey Weight is about 19 Radial pin Comes with three 314 shafts. Two of the shafts are at 11mm and the other is 12.5 mm Asking 700 obo. Reason for selling. I need the funds like many of us.
  3. andywho

    FS Mezz power break w/impact shaft

    For sale is a mezz power break ( the short one ). Comes with the standard joint protectors and weight rings and bolts. It's in mint condition. Broke a few racks and havent used it since. I'll have pictures up tonight. Asking 270 shipped any where in the us Forgot To mention it's all ebony with...
  4. andywho

    Wtb second generation predator shatfs

    Wtb second generation predator shafts I'm looking for the second generation 314 predator shaft. Looking for a radial pin joint. I would consider a different joint depending on the offer. Shaft must be original size or close to. Must be straight or have a tiny I mean tiny roll. Pm or post...
  5. andywho

    Wtb bk2 shaft

    I'm looking for a bk2 break shaft. It has to roll straight with and without the butt. If anyone has one please pm.
  6. andywho

    Wtb soft leather case

    Like the title asks. I'm looking for a soft leather case. Let me know the price and pictures would be nice
  7. andywho


    Bk2 has been sold. Thanks
  8. andywho

    Wtb bk2/bk & x-breaker

    I'm looking for a BK2/BK wrapless. i would like one in near mint or in good i mean good condition. I'm also looking for a X-Breaker wrapless also. please either pm me what you have or post. thanks
  9. andywho

    Troy Downey Cues

    I'm a huge Downey fan. I love his cues and their playability. I searched on the forums but not much has shown up. I wanted to see some pictures of his work. Hope you guys and gals can help me. Thanks
  10. andywho

    Radial Laminated Dominiak CHEAP

    NEW PRICE DROP! 190 shipped Here is a unique cue Dominiak cue for sale. i've had this cue for about 3 years. i love this cue's look and playability but unfortunately i have to let this beautiful cue go due to financial reasons :frown: specs: Butt weighs about 17-18 with the predator shaft Joint...
  11. andywho

    WTB used BK2 & Cuetec 3x6 Case

    hey guys and gals. i'm looking for a used bk2. my price range is 200 - 250. the cue does need to roll straight apart and together. i would prefer if the tip of the shaft isn't altered or changed. i'm also looking for a specific cuetec case. its a 3x6 here is a picture of the case so ppl can...
  12. andywho

    Pool halls in Cincnatti Ohio

    I'm currently here in cincnatti Ohio visiting my brother for a little while. I wanted to visit some of the local pool halls here. If you guys can help me and tell me where's a good place to play some pool!! Thanks!!
  13. andywho

    FS 2x4 Tan Lizard Whitten Case & BK2

    i have a tan 2x4 whitten case. its in almost mint condition. my price is 250 shipped in the us.
  14. andywho

    Box cues!!

    hey everyone. i wanted to see some nice looking box cues!! show me what you guys got!! thanks
  15. andywho

    2x4 Whitten

    Hey guys i'm selling a lightly used Tan Lizard skin whitten case. its a 2x4. it has light wear on the lid of the case. i'm selling it for 200. only thing wrong is i don't have extra spacers. i'll post up pictures tomorrow some time. pm me for any questions
  16. andywho

    Wrapless Gallery

    looks good leon
  17. andywho

    FS: 6 Point Capone

    UPDATED WITH PICTURES UPDATED AGAIN! I FOUND OUT THAT EVERYTHING THAT IS WHITE IS IVORY!! looked at the cue and the shafts aren't good. they ended up warping. the butt is for sale now just the butt. i'm selling it for 800
  18. andywho

    Predator SE 11 by Mezz Japan

    hey guys i'm selling a cue for a friend. its the Predator SE 11 by Mezz Japan. its number 38 of 100. the cue is in great condition. i give it a 9 out of 10. only thing wrong is it has a tiny and i mean tiny chip in the coating. the cue has an original 314 radial pin shaft. Yes that rights its a...
  19. andywho

    Wrapless Gallery

    Hey guys i remember a while back when i first joined az there was a wrapless gallery. i seached but i haven't found it. so i'm going to start a new one. i wanna see EVERYONES WRAPLESS CUES! COME ON IN AND SHOW ME WHAT YA GOTS!!! :grin: :D
  20. andywho

    Need help on some WOOD

    hey guys i haven't been on here in such a long time. well my question is do you think this setup would look good?? i'm going with a four point cue wrapless. the woods that i'm thinking of is ebony and tulip. tulip for the forearm and the handle and ebony as the points and the butt. i don't know...