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  1. gregthcarpenter

    pic test

  2. gregthcarpenter

    Lost cue

    I spent the weekend in Greenville at the Palace playing in Shannons tourny, and when I was done sat. I forgot my break cue.:mad: Any help in locating it will be much appreciated. It is a 3-piece J&J costomized with a Gulyassy ferule and a joint coller added to the shaft. Thanks for reading.
  3. gregthcarpenter

    Action in Norway

    Two bangers in Norway race to 11
  4. gregthcarpenter

    would like to learn

    I'm interested in learning the the trade. If there are any installers out there in the upstate South Carolina area (or within a reasonble drive) that would be interested in some free labor send me a pm and I"ll see what fits into my scedule. Greg The Carpenter. PS. I am a finish carpenter and...
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    Mryltle Beach pool rooms

    I'm heading down to Mrytle Beach for the Mryltle beach marathon this weekend,and I may get a chance to play some on Sunday. Where's good place play?
  6. gregthcarpenter

    Gsb Tour In Chatanooga Live Stream

    ustream link tothe live stream.
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    Thick or Thin how do you like your Tip ?

    I have always thought that a new tip was to thick and would have it shaved down a little. What is your preffernce and why?:thumbup:
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    sun tournament in nc

    Someone posted a weekly sun. afternoon tournament at fat cats in Arden nc. What is the time and format for this. Thanks for the info.:grin-square:
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    Tournament Survey

    I,m going to rattle off a few ideas to get some opinions. Would you play in more or fewer pool tounaments if? The entry fees were lower. The entry fees were higher The top finishers won prizes The top finishers won cash and prizes The races were longer The races were shorter
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    tournament ideas test page

    I'm rattle off a few tounament ideas to get some feed back. Would you play in more or fewer tounaments if; The entry fee was lower. We played for prizes verse cash, or a combination. The races were shorter or longer.
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    Viking Tour in Ga.

    Looking for news from Mike or anyone else????????????:thumbup2:
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    News from the Viking event ??????????

    Does anyone have any news from the Viking event in Ga. this weekend??
  13. gregthcarpenter

    Ameteur Viking event at Mr. cues???

    Any one posting from the Viking event today? Please I need my pool fix I couldn't make it to this event but some friends of mine were planning on going.
  14. gregthcarpenter

    Finally got validated.

    Hi to all AZ'ERS mine is Greg and this is my first post. I was in knoxille this weeend and had A great to time and want to thank Mike Janis and everyone at Breakers and specialy ROARING LION ENERGY DRINK for making it happen.