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  1. gypsy_soul

    How do you guys handle the loud music at pool halls?

    W What place is that ? Lol
  2. gypsy_soul

    Practice practice practice

    What are your goals?
  3. gypsy_soul

    bj ussery

    I was always down that way at MR Mathews place , I’m sure we have . Those were the days 💯
  4. gypsy_soul

    keilwood for suckers

    Ok I’ll use my Kielwood , you use whatever shaft you like and let’s play some sets bud and remember, practice, practice, practice!!!!! 😂
  5. gypsy_soul

    bj ussery

    Bigkat, I’m coming through next week for Xmas . Let’s get into something around there bud !!!!!!
  6. gypsy_soul

    bj ussery

    💯 I liven in Greensboro NC for 5 years 2003-2008 and saw it first hand weekly . By the looks of that match he is same ole BJ , hate to see it !!!!!
  7. gypsy_soul

    PPV-Battle For The Border-Team Michigan vs Team Ohio Dec. 3-5th

    Please tell me the best are playing on a 9ft table !!! It looks small .
  8. gypsy_soul

    PPV- Action Match!!!-Corey Deuel vs Abrin Schaad 8 Ball-December 10-12

    Who is Albion ? I’m all about the underdog, where is he from ?
  9. gypsy_soul

    J. Shaw's wife...................

    Oh now we understand bud ! USA 🇺🇸 all the way
  10. gypsy_soul

    Sold Mike Stacey Custom Brazilian Rosewood Sneaky Pete

    Awesome cue for a great price!!!!
  11. gypsy_soul

    Sold Mike Stacey Custom Brazilian Rosewood Sneaky Pete

    How much for it this morning ? I’ll pull the trigger for you !!!!! 😂 lol
  12. gypsy_soul


    Handicap huh !!!! Lol 😂 keep relying on a spot and see how that works out for ya!!!!!
  13. gypsy_soul

    Midwest Bar Table - $10k Added - 2 Tables - Hatch, Thorpe, McMinn, Hennessee, Seaman, Olinger, Winters etc.

    Shannon m never gets out of his comfort zone , Midwest champion!!!! Come on down to Houston , 10 strangers will play you some one pocket down here at Bogies . Get out that comfort Zone Son , we betting so high it’ll make your nose bleed 🩸!!!!!!!
  14. gypsy_soul

    Ran into Shane at a pool hall.

    Lol right !!!!!!!! Like it’s a big deal !!!!!!!!!
  15. gypsy_soul

    PPV - February 16-21,2022 - 7th Annual Texas Open 10 Ball Championships $15,750 Added

    Where Legends are ,only if I’m there !!!!! Lol 😂
  16. gypsy_soul

    💡The BEST pool advice I've ever received was...

    Well for me in the 80s , me being 17 years old and playing the old cats for 5$ per game one pocket was a lot because I usually / always lost my entire paycheck. Took me 5-6 months and I was giving them 12-5 / 12-4 and won all my money back plus tons more over the years…. Just gotta go all in and...
  17. gypsy_soul

    Launching Free Stream for Central Texas

    Dang I’m only 2.5 hrs away, I’ll shoot down there and do something with ya bud, My stuff is done around the house!