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    On Q cases...Thoughts

    Just bought an On Q case, used like new, made by Garth Bair, my first. It confirmed what I had heard over the years and educated me to what other fine custom cases are out there. The work is impeccable. It has a lined tube interior which is my preference. Fit and finish is beautiful. Workmanship...
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    Super It's George Case

    Here's a really nice It's George case I was recently able to come by. It's got nice elephant print leather and from what I was told a fairly rare longer jump pocket. The fit and finish is perfect. I've had a lot of cases but this is my first George and it's a real gem!
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    Small Hole SW Joint Pin

    Has anyone seen or have a pre 88' SW cue with an original joint pin that has a small whole in the top like the one in his pic? What year did the small hole pins start?
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    Fanciest 4 Point Gus Szamboti?

    I've always wondered, and wanted to start the conversation about, what was the fanciest 4 pointer Gus built. The fact that a "candidate" fell into my lap only makes the conversation more interesting. Here is what very well may be the fanciest 4 point cue (inlay wise) Gus Szamboti ever built...
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    Looking to trade for a fancy Bushka

    Like the title says... Looking to trade cues for a fancy Bushka. Possibly could add a little cash as well for the right cue. Please respond here and then I'll contact you by pm.:)
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    UBL Chattanooga Tourney Ball In Hand

    Ok so I dont play "league".. Whats up with all the Ball-In -Hand???
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    First Time You Saw Back Hand English

    A couple years out of high school, around 84ish, I had a moment of clarity and insite in a dream about a way to compensate for cue ball squirt when using english. I had never seen, heard, or was taught anything like this. I worked on it a bit then showed some local players at the halls I hung...
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    Josey Crown Ring

    Check out a new one from the Josey shop... The "Crown Ring" Curly Shedua, Juma, Ebony and Turquoise with Silver dot accents along with 20 Silver dot rings separating the mirroring crowns and double Silver ringwork at the joint and cap ..:) For more info contact Keith @ (912) 356-1816 :smile:
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    Josey Cues @ J&J Booths 162 & 202

    ...................................................... Come check out some cues available from Keith at the Expo tomorrow. They will be in the J&J booths 162 & 202 close to the main entrance! EDIT: I'M BEING TOLD THAT YOU MAY BE ABLE TO SEE THESE AT BOOTH 159 AS WELL SO CHECK ALL 3 BOOTHS...
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    New addition to the Gus

    Asked Dennis Searing to build a shaft for my Gus so I could leave the two originals alone. What I recieved was nothing short of spectacular. He used the same original phenolic and materials Gus used so it would match exact. Since he didnt have the butt, he made the pilot just about a thousandth...
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    Young With No Table But Still Practiced...How?

    When I was 14 to early 16, before I could drive and since I had no home table, I used to stand on the stairs that led up to my bedroom and use the hallway as my pool surface. Granted it was much thinner than an actual table but I was able to practice hitting balls at any distance I wanted. We...
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    Latest Josey

    Here's a new cue out of Keith Josey's hands.... After retooling the setup for his traditional prong process here is the first of many unique half splices that Keith will be delivering.. Rolling Dice Gambler with Timeless Timber and new Josey JAVA Dark Roast shaft..... .................
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    Flat faced LD 5/16 14 Stitch Ring Shaft

    Schön style maple stitch ring shaft that came with an old early 80's flat face Schön I bought about ten years ago. I think it's made from an older Predator blank. 10 segment. It may have actually been made by Schön using their ring work. Shaft is in nice condition and straight. $165 shipped...
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    Another Industrial Auction

    Lots of stuff here
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    What Youngsters Want Old Masters Cues?

    How many of you, 35 give or take and younger, have a desire to one day own a Szamboti or Balabushka cue?
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    Industrial Auction Ends Tues

    If you're anywhere near Milwalkee or like to travel, Catipillar is consolidating and auctioning off a lot of things from cabinets to welders to machinery and other. Here's one thing..Clausing
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    I'm down to 8

    Been thinning out the heard for a while and keeping what floats my boat. Here's what's still sailing..:yeah:
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    Another original early 60's Bushka

    Took a long while but one has finally found it's home with me. Beautiful unmolested condition. :yeah:
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    Brunswick Brown Ku Bumper

    Anyone habe a new original Brunswick Ku bumper available at a reasonable price??
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    Played with my Gus today

    Had an opportunity to take my newly acquired Gus out for a REAL test drive. It did not disappoint :wink:.. I didn't have to adjust in any way. Played some 9 ball for 3 hours and I even broke with it every rack!:shocked2:... Hit/broke REAL good..Of course.. Nice :yeah: