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    Pool Table @ Home Question

    Shop around, you will find a nice Gold Crown or Diamond reasonably priced. I know Anthony Crosby usually has a bunch of Diamonds at nice prices.. I just got a GC1 with tightened pockets & practically new Simonis 860 for $1500 on Facebook marketplace. I lucked out as the table happened to be in...
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    Shaw vs Orcollo OmegaTv thread

    Perhaps others want & appreciate such detail. Everything is not about YOU :rolleyes:
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    Don't buy International Open 9 ball

    People need to stop supporting people/businesses like Upstate Al. Once they have your money, they will just pass the blame around if you have issues. A shame they even hooked up with him.
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    Minor US Open / DAZN Complaint

    Just for further context it is ESPN Asia which is nice but pool gets promoted over there anyway. Now if it is on ESPN in the states, that would be more of an acheievement. I searched the US ESPN site & it is not there.
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    Question: Why do People Pay to Sign up to get Slaughtered?

    To the person who started this asinine thread, are you a liberal by any chance? Sure come across one worrying about how other people choose to spend THEIR money!
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    US Open 9-ball updates thread..

    Enough of Trump every fucking day on the stream. Matchroom is trash.
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    matchroom/us open COVID protocol

    None of that is required based on the most updated NJ protocols. Info is the casino's website.
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    US Open 9-ball updates thread..

    People can test their skills & put up their money where ever they like. Typical pool player jackasses making such ridiculous assessments. Instead of wondering why someone puts their money up to compete while you keyboard champions stay home, try coming up with the next creative title to complain...
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    Never beat Chang for the cash. He does not want the smoke.
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    WORLD POOL CHAMPIONSHIP (6-10 June2021) Champion $50K

    Irrelevant question. I don't give a crap about what other sport has what. The topic is pool.
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    WORLD POOL CHAMPIONSHIP (6-10 June2021) Champion $50K

    World championships should be double elimination. Stop with the bullshit of it being better for tv, audiences etc... Players are not thinking about that bullshit when trying to win a world title. I'd be pissed getting knocked out by someone who lost earlier than me & goes on to win a world title...
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    WORLD POOL CHAMPIONSHIP (6-10 June2021) Champion $50K

    Out of curiosity, was this a legit world championship event sanctioned by the WPA or a bogus one in name only like those straight pool titles?
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    Tournaments while wearing masks

    Absolutely not. Only uniformed idiots & sheep wear masks when they are healthy. Pure idiocy
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    Pool Tournaments During COVID Pandemic

    Masks don't work. Stop being so damn gullible and believing the bullshit fear porn being put out 24x7. That afraid, stay the fuck home.
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    Reyes G. Match Question

    I won't speak for anyone else. Personally I am talking about Reyes backers.
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    Reyes G. Match Question

    His backers are scumbags & that is 100% facts. I have a few players who personally I would send to play him but refuse to because of the antics of his backers. I don't trust them & they will soon kill all his action.
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    Cops called to the pool hall

    Yet we have experts with no agenda who have decades of experience who accurately explain why masks do NOT work. They have actual knowledge of the topic versus people like you with NO experience who are sheep like. Yeah masks work which is why every place that mandated them had numbers rise after...
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    Ko Pin Yi vs Anton Raga Streaming Live
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    Chang Jung Lin vs Lo Li Wen streaming now 2-2 as of this post