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  1. RonMason

    8-Ball Qualifier at Steinway Billiards
  2. RonMason

    A short story from Ginky

    A short story by Ginky While going through some old DVD's I found a DVD that Jim Murnak gave me years ago. I took a short clip from the interview because it cracked me up. Enjoy. You can find the clip on my YouTube channel While your there, please do me a favor...
  3. RonMason

    Earl and a few more Predator Pro/Am Tour matches

    I uploaded a few matches from this past weekends Predator Pro/Am Tour stop #24.Earl, Alaska, Zion are some of the players. I will upload a few more this afternoon.Enjoy! Thanks, Ron
  4. RonMason

    Shaw vs Economopoulos

    This is a part of their match I recorded today at Steinway Billiards during the NYC 8-Ball Championships. It's pretty up close and some quality pool. I am going to upload the full match to YouTube later. Enjoy :) Ron
  5. RonMason

    Live Scoring for The 4th Annual Steinway Classic

    Hi all I will be providing Live Scoring for the Steinway Classic, I am also trying to finish up my Live Brackets app tonight. If I get it done I will also provide live brackets. Here is the Live Scoring link. Have good night all and...
  6. RonMason

    Gotam City Billiards 9-Ball Pro Classic Live Scoring

    Just an FYI everyone. Tomorrow is the start of the Gotham City Billiards Club Inaugural 9-Ball Pro Classic. This event is going to be a PPV streamed event provided by none other than UpState AL and AZBtv. To purchase your PPV package, please visit Gotham City...
  7. RonMason

    Gotham City Billiards Inaugural $11K Added 9-Ball Pro Classic

    This weekend the Gotham City Billiards Inaugural $11K Added 9-Ball Pro Classic will be a PPV event. You can pay your entry fee or purchase a PPV package at Http:// Everything is located right on the homepage. Here is an image of the current list of players. So it's...
  8. RonMason

    The Steinway Classic

    The Steinway Classic will be held n November 1st - 3rd at Steinway Billiards in Astoris NY. The list has to be updated, but I just wanted to share it with all of you. I think it's a pretty strong list, haha. Also, the PPV packages are available for purchase now. You can go to...
  9. RonMason

    Happy new year

    Happy New Year AZB Memebers! God Bless you all! Ron
  10. RonMason

    George “Ginky” San Souci Memorial Shirts

    Good morning everyone. If anyone is interested in purchasing a Ginky Memorial T-Shirt, you can contact Jimmy Martinez at or you can pay via PayPal through my account at The cost is $25.00 per shirt plus $5.00 for S&H for a total of...
  11. RonMason

    Tournament Software

    I am in the process of developing an advanced yet user friendly billiards tournament system. I know a lot of what needs to be included, but I am sure there will be areas I will overlook. So I am asking the AZB community for their input on what would be great features to have in tournament...
  12. RonMason

    Venom Mini Pool Table Trick Shot Video

    Florian is nuts!! Skills. Ron Mason
  13. RonMason

    Merry Christmas

    Although I do not post much here, I do know way too many of you :) so I would like to just wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. Ron Mason
  14. RonMason

    Happy birthday ginky

    Happy Birthday Bro, you are missed my friend. Ron
  15. RonMason

    Bcapl online brackets

    Does anyone know when they will be posting the brackets for the upcoming championships? Thanks, Ron