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  1. LJhookem14

    Immaculate Mezz KAI XPG Black w/ GO Customs GO-BRK & Mezz Pro-H Break Shaft

    Immaculate Mezz KAI XPG Black w/ GO Customs GO-BRK & Mezz Pro-H Break Shaft [emoji736]EVERYTHING is SOLD SOLD SOLD [emoji736] PLEASE ONLY SEND ME INQUIRIES - FB MESSENGER or to (832) 780-7220 **** Mezz Pro-H / DIP-H Still Available *** Up for sale is an immaculate Mezz Pro-H...
  2. LJhookem14

    G2 - Great White - Navigator Chalk Sale

    Accessory CHALK Sale! *** ALL FREE SHIPPING in CON-USA *** (Both cubes of G2 are all that’s left) 1)G2 Chalks (Original and new Model-S). Both pieces BRAND NEW - Original G2 chalk will come w/ factory bag (not pictured). FREE SHIPPING CON-USA • G2 Original $12 • G2 Model-S $12 • Both bought...
  3. LJhookem14

    LTB: Used or 2nd’s TournBlue Cloth/Felt - even small sections will work

    I’m not using to recover a table but using for another project so anything in decent shape/used or a 2nd that didn’t make the sales floor. Min size piece: 36” x 36” (larger is ok as well) Please just text me (832) 685-0448 - L.J. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. LJhookem14

    Lathe Driver Pins (3/8x10 - 5/16x14 - 5/16x18) Male & Female - Hightower

    Lathe Driver Pins (3/8x10 - 5/16x14 - 5/16x18) Male & Female - Hightower SOLD SOLD SOLD These are about 3-months old and I got them brand new with my Hightower Lathe. Free Shipping to Lower-48 (PayPal FF or Venmo or CashApp). ***Will ship Int’l but customer pays all freight and assumes...
  5. LJhookem14

    Chris Hightower - Basic Cue Building

    SOLD Got this a couple months ago with my new lathe from Chris. Basic Cue Building Tips, ferrules, reconditioning shafts, wraps, tapering, joint work, & more.... $SOLD Free Shipping (Lower48 USA) CashApp or Venmo or PayPal Customer pays PayPal fees Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. LJhookem14

    WTB: Hammerhead Break tip

    Anyone have 1-2 laying around they want to get rid of and sale? Send text to (832) 685-0448 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. LJhookem14

    Sniper Chalk - Premium Chalk - Blue - $26.95

    Sniper Chalk Blue. Shipped from Texas - Free Shipping Contact me here thru AZB messages and receive a discount...
  8. LJhookem14

    Magic Chalk BLUE - New. - Gold Wrapper $11.95 free ship USA

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD - All gone! I have 4 more boxes of the Gold Wrapper Magic Chalk that I got from ChicagoRJ 4 boxes available @ $11.95 each box with free shipping in lower48 USA BUY 2 for $22 Buy 3 for $30 Buy 4 for $36.50 All free shipping if in lower48 USA Sent from my iPhone using...
  9. LJhookem14

    WTB: Taom Break tips

    I know where I can get them from places like Seyberts, MezzUSA, etc....but I want to know if anyone has an extra 1-3 break tips they want to part with? All colors likely will be considered. Qty will depend on price. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. LJhookem14

    Mid-Size Cue Smith - QCTP model?????

    Anyone know what the model# is of the QCTP that comes with the Hightower lathes? I have a brand new Mid-Size. Appreciate any help on this. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. LJhookem14

    Which 1/2” cutoff blade for QCTP (Hightower Mid-Size)

    NOTE: Please send me a PM if you have any suggestions. Thanks Looking for any suggestions for a 1/2” Cutoff blade for a QCTP (Hightower Mid-Size)? I was looking but can’t find what model/type of QCTP that Chris uses. I have one on order but was going to try and get some tools ordered as well...
  12. LJhookem14

    Cue Repair Lathe Upcoming Purchase - General Questions

    I have a few questions on cue repair lathes including some specific on the Mid-America and Hightower lathes... 1) When I’ve heard or been around a Mid-America lathe, the sound is fairly loud almost too loud for my liking. How does a similar CueSmith2/3 or MidSize compare on the loudness of...
  13. LJhookem14

    (No longer Needed) - Samsara Break/Jump Tip

    I know I can get it from Seybert’s or some other online retailers but if anyone has a spare one laying around, I’ll take it. Let me know cost etc... Just send me PM here and then we can move it to text. Shipping will be to Texas. I’ll send physical address thru text when we make the deal...
  14. LJhookem14

    Radial or Uniloc Revo 12.4 tapped to 5/16 x 14

    Which joint should I buy if I want to have the Revo tapped to 5/16 x 14? Basically which would be easier to tap by a cuemaker? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. LJhookem14

    FS: (SOLD) Mastering Pool (Mika Immonen) 3-DVD Set

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I watched this 1 time and put it away. These are in great condition. $40 Customer pays PP fees Free Shipping in Lower-48 send email to Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. LJhookem14

    FS: (SOLD) Mezz EC7-CM5 (United) w/ 30” HP2

    SOLD SOLD SOLD!! For Sale: Mezz EC7-CM5 and 30” Hybrid Pro 2 shaft (12.5mm) Upgraded to Sharkskin wrap Cyborg Hybrid Medium Tip ** No nicks, dings, marks, or blemishes on butt** ** Shaft has practically no blueing and has been meticulously maintained - No dings or nicks or anything on the...
  17. LJhookem14

    WTB: Mastering Pool by Mika Immonen (Complete DVD set)

    Anyone have a used DVD set of Mastering Pool - Instructional DVD Trilogy with Mika Immonen? please email:
  18. LJhookem14

    (SOLD) Predator Vantage 29” Shaft - 5/16x14 - $219

    SOLD SOLD SOLD New (test hit only) 29” Predator Vantage Shaft • 4.16 oz (see pic) • 5/16 x 14 pin • Also fits Mezz United Joint $219 • Compare to price for new which is $309 + Shipping [emoji843] Email: [emoji843] • Shaft comes with Joint Protector • Shaft newly sealed...
  19. LJhookem14

    (SOLD) Mezz EC7-C (Cocobolo) 29” Butt Only - United Joint

    (SOLD SOLD SOLD) Beautifully figured Cocobolo Mezz butt. 3-months old and maybe used 1 night out playing. - I can adjust the butt weight to whatever you want within reason. - Butt weight without weight bolt: 14.43 oz. - Spanish Bull Black from Superior Cues installed by Scott Erwin $340(OBO)...
  20. LJhookem14

    WTB: Used Mezz 29"/30" Hybrid Pro 2 Shaft - UNITED JOINT

    WTB: Used Mezz 29"/30" Hybrid Pro 2 Shaft - UNITED JOINT Anyone have something to offer? Please send me a private message here and then we can continue discussion through text. Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums