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  1. DCS_SF

    Looking for nice 8ft table in the SF Bay Area.

    I'm posting for a friend. Looking for the right table. Pm me and I'll put you in touch.
  2. DCS_SF

    Looking for a single leather billiard pocket

    It seems you can't just buy one individually and all we really need is the basket part. Maybe someone has an old set after getting them replaced? Actually one that has been broken in would be ideal. I'd happily throw a few bucks your way. It's for an old 1934 Brunswick Balke Collender at our...
  3. DCS_SF

    BCA rule question. Non player says " ball in h and"

    So I just won my match, but during play we had an interesting situation. A non player (the bar owner) walked by the table and unsolicited said "that's ball in hand hand right?" And I said "no it's not". The other team called non player coaching and rather than argue I said fine ball in hand. I...
  4. DCS_SF

    BCA rule question: Opponents last ball drops in the middle of my run.

    So I just played a game and I'm curious about the ruling if it didn't go how it did. We both have one object ball plus the 8 on the table. My opponent shoots and leaves the ball in the jaws. I make an up table shot and pocket my remaining ball. As I'm walking around the table to shoot the 8...
  5. DCS_SF

    What glue to use for a pin?

    Hey everyone, my pin came unscrewed out of the butt on one of my cues and I was looking for specific brand name suggestions on what to use to reattach. I have some rubber cement as well as standard loc-tite blue (which I tried and failed) . I have heard that loc-tite gel is good, but before I...
  6. DCS_SF

    This rejected shot should count IMO, what say you?

    Someone posted this over on Reddit and I really don't understand why this is not a legal pocket. In my opinion the ball leaves the playing surface, drops all the way in and at that point it should count. Why would a player be punished for what seems to be a design flaw of the pocket itself and...
  7. DCS_SF

    Show off your league home tables.

    Here is our table at the SF Elks lodge #3. I love this table. It is a 1934 Brunswick. Despite some slight cosmetic damage it still plays great. SOrry for the picture quality, I had finished playing and was enjoying some post game beverages, and I see my photographic abilities may have suffered...
  8. DCS_SF

    A moral dilemma, friend received what is likely a stolen cue

    So a member on my team came to the game last night with a new to her cue. She was conflicted about it, and I was curious what you would do. A friend of hers knew she played pool, and had a stick he bought off some "guy on the street" about 5 years ago, which he gave to her. The cue is a...
  9. DCS_SF

    Kaiser cues?

    I was given a kaiser cue by a friend. It obviously has been "well loved", and by that I mean I think they deliberately chalked the shaft, and perhaps used billiard chalk on their hands instead of talc, and also never cleaned it. :lol: It seems to be in ok condition otherwise, besides a few...
  10. DCS_SF

    Coaching better/peer players?

    Sorry for the long post. I captain a couple teams, and I seem to have an issue that I run into more often than I'd like. I have players who are the same level as me, or slightly above/below and they often don't like to hear advice from me. How do you approach this? Now let me explain a little...
  11. DCS_SF

    Where to find these Japanese gloves domestically?

    Anyone know where to get these gloves in the US/online without paying shipping from JP? Was checking out this website and found a few I'd love to try out. Globe, Owl, and Adam (made by globe?) They also seem to have a few that are partially leather. Interesting stuff...
  12. DCS_SF

    What's MLK's shot here?

    I am thinking either a behind the back one rail to the corner on his back right, or a two rail into the back left. Both he wants to hold shape for the 8. :lol:
  13. DCS_SF

    Win that win is extra satisfying...

    When that win is extra satisfying... You know the occasional match where the win sticks with you into the next day? I shut out an opponent last night and damn it still feels good. The guy was just a seething douche. He started talking smack right away and I just kept it to myself, was nice to...
  14. DCS_SF

    Simple cue designs you love. Woods and simple ring work.

    Simple cue designs you love? Woods and simple ring work. I am having a simple custom made, and looking for some ideas. I am not going to go with splices or inlays, but just simple wood grains and ring work. Post up some pics of simple designs you like. Right now I know I want some curly maple...
  15. DCS_SF

    Visiting folks for the holidays and no time to get to a decent table

    I'm in MD for the holidays, and I'm already itching for a game. Problem is I don't want to take too much time and travel to the better places in the area because despite my addiction I do want to hang with the family. Think I'll stop by the only local bar table and see what's happening on the...
  16. DCS_SF

    Who has the most interesting, unique, or exaggerated pre shot routine's in pool?

    Feel free to add gifs/vids if you got em.
  17. DCS_SF

    Adam Japan HOF Cue questions

    I have two Adam Japan HOF cues I purchased a couple years ago directly from competition sports (a friend got one on ebay, and I loved it and contacted him directly). They were supposedly the last ones of new old stock left in the warehouse. They came with a certificate of authenticity from...
  18. DCS_SF

    Sealing a linen wrap?

    So I just cleaned and dried my linen wrap, and as expected the fibers are a bit fuzzy after being wet. I have tried burnishing with leather, but is there anything I could seal and polish it with? Would a cue wax work? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  19. DCS_SF

    OB chalk is noticeably smaller than other chalks...

    So I just got a box of OB, and was excited to try it out tonight but ended up disappointed. Not because of the quality of the chalk though. Good news is I really like it. I was using blue diamond and honestly the two are very similar. The blue diamond is perhaps a bit messier but that was the...