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  1. jasonlaus

    Brunswick Anniversary find

    I found a Brunswck Anniversary(not the one I already have 😁) that I've been trying to pick up for weeks but haven't been able to get there. If I can't get there soon(next week or so) I'm gonna want to get it sold for the guy. It's near Buffalo NY if anybody might be interested lmk. This is more...
  2. jasonlaus

    Recent dealings

    so much good to say about our cue and case makers. Have bought 5 cues (3EDC, 1 EDC/MOBLEY COLLAB, AND 1 MOBLEY)(also, another used EDC) since new years, all play great and look great! Have also had the pleasure of ordering(more than 1 Ron Thomas - a legend) and having a long conversation with...
  3. jasonlaus

    Who's in Tampa?

    been down for a week, played with R Mobley, last time down played with J Showman, and Jules(EDC). Anybody?
  4. jasonlaus

    NPR warning

    starting this morning, somebody has added a phone to my account, changed email passwords, attempted to hack every account I have, open credit cards from more than 1 place/Bank, opened Samsung pay etc. Its the weekend and I've gotten very little help. Cannot report to 2 of 3 credit bureaus...
  5. jasonlaus

    why is Nullus lying and still posting on AZ

    ???????????????? Why is he not banned?
  6. jasonlaus

    New and old EDC's

    3 new 2 old Just keeps saying upload failed on both phone and tablet.
  7. jasonlaus

    Heartbreak pool movie 2019

    Anybody see the pool movie Heartbreak? Says its 2019, cant post a link, saw it on FB, John Showman posted the link.
  8. jasonlaus

    DCC 9 ball updates?

    Any updates on 9 ball? My screen shows Filler in round 1 and then nothing after that.
  9. jasonlaus

    Derby PPV?

    I didnt see a link to purchase the stream/s at Derby in the live stream area, anybody have a link? Thanks Jason<-----sometimes blind
  10. jasonlaus

    Pool related gifts

    To myself, let's see what u got. Merry Christmas!
  11. jasonlaus

    RM EDC Collaboration

    Best Christmas Ever!
  12. jasonlaus

    SVB vs Dennis who's going?

    Plan on leaving in the morning. Who else is going? Jason
  13. jasonlaus


    How many are willing to give up meat to heal?
  14. jasonlaus

    International Open

    Who's going?
  15. jasonlaus

    Dennis O v JRB $100k middle

    430 Vegas time on Roy's basement FB JRB getting 14/4 and 13/4 Race to 5 100k in the middle
  16. jasonlaus

    Turning stone meet up

    Who's going to Turning Stone?
  17. jasonlaus

    Atlantic city

    Anybody else here? Borgata poker open plus a pretty nice poolroom here. Jason
  18. jasonlaus

    Chohan Busty

    1 - 1 busty break
  19. jasonlaus

    Bigfoot monster event

    I’d love to see a $10,000 entry 16 player event at Derby replacing the Bigfoot. Serious $$$ for the best of the best. $100,000 for first, $40,000 second, and $20,000 3rd. Any added $ would go to break even for 4th, 5th, etc. Don’t tell me we can’t get 16 players staked for $10,000. What are...
  20. jasonlaus

    Turningstone start time

    What time does play start on Friday? Thinking about checking in Thursday night after work. Thanks Jason