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    Cheap 3/18-10 butt

    I sold everything I had in terms of cues and I am looking for a dirty cheap 25$ shipped butt to match a shaft I found in an old case. It’s gonna be the cue to mess around with when the bug bites once every few month. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as the pin is 3/8-10. Only request is to...
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    Sale: Scott Gracio SW style - Cheap cheap

    I have a great Gracio 6points no veneers wrapless, segmented handle with golden rings. 18.5-19oz, 58", 3/8-10 g10 pin. Woods are very dark rosewood and burl maple (just a guess) Amazing player, well balanced and looks sharp. 2 shafts around 12.80mm. Signed between the points. The cue has a...
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    Sold: Hoppe fancy CAM break/jump

    The cue is sold Thanks Chris N Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    US OPEN 9ball 2016/accommodation q

    Hi everyone, This year I decided to go to the USOpen as a photographer. Tried to get in touch with Pat Fleming hoping to get a Media/press/photo pass for the event so I can move freely around the arena but it seems that my request it's not that important. I tried hard to help promoting this game...
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    I have for trade a SUMRALL BEAUTY. SOLD SOLD SOLD! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    WTT for a 30" nice butt

    I am looking like the title says for 30-31in nice butt ONLY. Don't care about shafts. Goos condition, straight and sound, 3/8-10 pin (g10 is a plus). Preferably plain. I have a great JBaxter Duff conversion ebony with white butterfly on the butt end, 4 sharp points but not even, bumperless...
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    Another one Sold!

    Soooold thanks@!
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    Beauty SOLD

    Sold thanks
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    New to Raleigh NC

    Hello everyone, I didn't post for a while now. We moved form Ma to NC couple of month ago and I didn't have time to wander around here. I didn't play pool for a few month as well and I thought it's time to blow the dust out of my cues and shoot a few racks. I am in Cary NC and I saw a lot of...
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    Cues for sale - last ones

    I am trying to get rid of all I have. NOTE: I am not giving this items away. 1. Mezz CP406 - butt played but in great condition, shaft great condition Great cue, straight and sound Comes with a jacoby hybrid 31" shaft 12.20mm kamui S Joint/pin - ss 5/16-14 united joint 2. Cameron Matthys - 6...
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    Holidays offer! FIRE SALE/ Pechauer Hamphire Custom

    Gone gone!
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    FOR SALE: Low deflection 5/16-14 shafts 29/30"

    FOR SALE: Low deflection 5/16-14 shafts 29/30" Hey guys I have 2 shafts in great condition and straight. Predator Vantage (5-16/14 piloted pechauer quick release) kamui brown medium. FITS ANY 5/16-14 piloted joint/pin) 29" SOLD OB CLASSIC + - (5/16-14 full thread, small pilot so it can...
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    Looking for a 314 cat uniloc

    I am looking to buy a dead straight 314 or 314-2 shaft uniloc 30''. Please pm me asap. Cash ready! Chris@2015 Sent using Tapatalk
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    Looking for 314-2 or Z2 30" uniloc

    I am looking to buy a predator 314-2 or a Z2 uniloc 30" ONLY. Must be black collar with silver ring. Straight and sound! I have another shafts for trade as well, 5/16-14 piloted mostly. Let me know. Chris@2015 Sent using Tapatalk
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    Looking to buy a fancy sp butt

    I am looking for fancy sp butt only, around 450$ (maybe a little more). Ebony forearm, even points, maybe veneers, inlays and hoppe ring. Joint I prefer white juma, 5/16-14 or 3/8-10, maybe radial. DEAD STRAIGHT! Slim butt not baseball bats. No Wrap! Let me know what you have. Any maker...
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    Top line crown jewel brand new

    Traded thanks. Chris@2015
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    Looking to buy a big Mezz

    I want a new Mezz for my collection. Looking for something nice dark woods, white juma united joint/or wavy, great condition. I prefer wrapless or leather and 30" shafts. Extension will be a plus. None are mandatory all offers are welcome. Shoot me a pm if you have something. For...
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    Pechauer Custom beauty - probably unique

    Thanks item sold!
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    Looking for a WX900 shaft

    I am looking for 2 WX900 shafts - 5-16/14 (united) and 3/8-10, straight and full (12mm), 30" is a big plus. I can trade or pay the best offer. Let me know. Chris@2015 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Trades ONLY: Brand new Pechauer P-18F

    Thanks is gone. Chris@2015