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  1. Jack Madden

    Legacy Billiards

    Went to memorial tournament in nw MT, couple weeks ago. Met a gentleman named Steve Rijon. Saw him last fall at UM tournament. Heard he owned a “pool room”...plays pretty good pool too. We got to talking, he owns the Legacy Billiards in Spokane, WA. It’s a new room. Has 16 7 foot Diamonds...
  2. Jack Madden

    Jack. John Madden

    Cocobolo, low deflection shaft, alligator wrap, silver rings, ss joint, 3/8 10, aerospace aluminum butt cap, custom joint protectors. If you are interested in this cue or a custom, please give me a call on my cell, 405-544-2076
  3. Jack Madden

    Jack John Madden

    Cocobolo, low deflection shaft, lizard wrap, 3/8 10, ss joint, aerospace alum butt, custom joint protectors. If you are interested in this cue or a custom, please give me a call on my cell, 406-544-2076
  4. Jack Madden

    Montana Tournament

    Went to Kalispell for 19th MT Memorial 8 ball tournament. Met several players from Canada. Love the passion for game since it was a long drive in the winter for them. Hope to see them again next year.
  5. Jack Madden

    John (Jack) Madden got to see butt

    This is picture of the butt of the FLAMING CURLY MAPLE
  6. Jack Madden

    John (Jack] Madden

    FLAMING CURLY MAPLE. New signed 2019 Cored, bored, no stain, color is result of stabilizing process, polished aluminum butt cap, stainless joint with 3/8 10, leather wrap, one shaft, joint protectors. Call me on my cell if you have any questions regarding price or stabilizing process...
  7. Jack Madden

    JOHN MADDEN. —- cored and bored

    Curly maple, no stain natural color from stabilizing process, 3/8 10, stainless joint, leather wrap, ebony butt, highly polished aluminum butt cap, one shaft, joint protectors, 19.25. Call me on cell if interested 406-544-2076.
  8. Jack Madden

    SAN JOSE DICK aka SJDinPhx

    I haven’t been on AZB for several years, but haven’t seen anything on San Jose Dick, Dick McMorran. He passed away a couple years ago. Played in San Jose in his younger years, but lived in Phx area. He put hustling/playing on back burner to raise his family. Started playing again around the...
  9. Jack Madden

    John (Jack) Madden

    Coming Soon as soon as finished to ......
  10. Jack Madden

    Cue was sent but----

    Cue was sent this afternoon----------------- But took a little bear spray to get it on the way. For those who have visited me (and I see several of those have visted AZB today) understand. The main (that means PAVED) highway is 3 miles away --- there is a big 10' x 10' temporary flashing light...
  11. Jack Madden


    Has anyone heard from Leonard lately? Haven't heard from him in awhile and see he hasn't posted here since early summer. Just wondered how he is doing.
  12. Jack Madden

    Where in Boise

    Will be visiting my sister so wondering where to play in Boise and Twin. Thanks for any info.
  13. Jack Madden

    H.B. John Henderson

    Happy Birthday, Johnny. Best of rolls to you:smile: Jackie
  14. Jack Madden


    Heh, The weather is good ---- NO SNOW :grin-square::smile::grin-square: -- sorry DC, VA, PA, NY, NJ and the rest of the beltway. Its in the 40s in western Montana so who is going to make the long (or not so long if you a fortunate to live by the lake) trek to Cattlemens this week end? Heard...
  15. Jack Madden

    As promised to the q-master military players

    To: joninnorfolk (I know you are retired) hotrod empty pocket I promised you a picture of this cue. Background: my friend plays very good, known as Hippie Dave in another life, served in Nam, received two purple heart medals from Uncle Sam - one for injuries in 1965 the other for 1966...
  16. Jack Madden

    TOM SCOTT MEMORIAL - Libby, Montana $800 ADDED

    TOM SCOTT MEMORIAL -- $800 ADDED :thumbup: In Libby, Montana at the Mint/VFW starting March 20th, 21st and 22nd 8 Ball, Race to 4 on Saturday, Race to 5 on Sunday, $35 entry. Call Tim Scott at 406-293-1283 with questions and sign up.
  17. Jack Madden

    Going To A Tournament this weekend ----

    This one was picked up yesterday: And this one will be today - it has pearls and diamonds in the crown for the King - just a little play for the new owner;) : I'm going to play AGAINST them this week end:smile: :smile: Best of both worlds.
  18. Jack Madden

    breaknrun - is this the cue??????

    Is this the cue ---- "Steve's" ?? If so the inlay is Alaskan moose antler - that is the color - it is from white white to a cream to a purple grey depending on what part is used for inlays. These inlays were difficult since material wasn't a uniform color so there was a lot of waste. Sorry...
  19. Jack Madden

    The Cue For 8 Ball

    I think this says everything about the player who commissioned this cue:
  20. Jack Madden

    See what I am going to be playing against this month

    I am going to be playing in a little event this month. One of the players in the event will be playing with this. Anticipate I will play him (usually do). Sort of unusual :smile: :smile: But a one of a kind for sure.