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  1. AcuraHeel

    Revo 12.4, 3/8x10

    Shaft was test hit for about an hour. It's practically brand new. I had it upgraded with Kamui Black Medium tip. $475 shipped
  2. AcuraHeel

    Sold Leather JB Butterfly Case

    B Case, 3x4, LEATHER... Case has been out once and used for storing shafts and cues. It was made in April 2021 **pm with any questions** $400 Shipped
  3. AcuraHeel

    Sold Tiger Fortis Shaft, 3/8x10

    test hit less than 4 racks!! * 12.50 mm * black collar $425 shipped
  4. AcuraHeel

    Sold BK Rush Break Cue- No Wrap

    Break cue is used and 95% condition! I'm going in a different direction or would keep it 575 shipped
  5. AcuraHeel

    Sold **CUETEC Cynergy 15K shaft, 3/8 x10**

    It's brand new, still in factory plastic. I bought it to use, but went another direction. Default Tip: Sniper Joint Type: 3/8 x 10 Thread Shaft Length: 29 Inch Shaft Taper: Pro Taper Shaft Construction: Cuetec Cynergy $350 shipped
  6. AcuraHeel

    Sold Jacoby Black 3/8x10

    This shaft was only test hit only. It's 95-99% with a new Kamui Black Tip installed from Seyberts. PM me with any questions. Shaft is 29" Thanks, George $300 shipped
  7. AcuraHeel

    Tiger shafts

    Hi I have two Tiger shafts for sale 1. Tiger Ultra X LD * used but in great shape, with no dents or dings * 3/8x 10 * Kamui Black Medium Tip * 12.58 @ the tip *some bluing, but cleaning will take it all out $125 shipped 2. Tiger LD Shaft (newest version) * condition is 95%, with no issues *...
  8. AcuraHeel

    OB Classic+ BRAND NEW

    This shaft has never left the closet or seen a shaft. It's brand new in the tube - 5/16x14 w/ black collar - 12.75mm $140 shipped
  9. AcuraHeel

    Cuetec Cynergy 3/8 X 10 JOINT 15K Carbon Shaft

    Hi, I'm going through closet and selling shafts just laying around. This one is a shaft I bought late in 2019. It's used but in great shape. - 3/8x10 - Kamui Black Medium Tip - comes with original box [B][SOLD/B] **message me with any questions...
  10. AcuraHeel

    Cuetec Propel

    practically brand new Cuetec Propel. I bought it to try and went back to my Alex brick. I couldn't ever get comfortable with the carbon fiber feel. The Brick is so much heavier and it's what I've used for many years. $350 shipped
  11. AcuraHeel

    BK Rush Break Cue- Wrapless

    Practically brand new BK Rush break cue. It's broke maybe 15 racks of 10 ball. I've switched to using my playing cue. SOLD shipped **will put pics up later** **message mw with any questions
  12. AcuraHeel

    Hanshew Jump Cue

    This jump cue has been test hit only. It's 95% condition. It's just sitting in my closet. It has some imperfections on the phenolic. James said in a text that it was normal for the phenolic to not come out perfect. It doesn't affect the playability of the cue. SOLD ***message me with any...
  13. AcuraHeel

    Predator & OB Shafts for Sale

    All of these shafts have been used for test hit and never been used in matches. I like to try all of the things out there and waste money:D. 1. Predator 314-3 $250 - 3/8x10 - 95% or better condition - Kamui Black Medium 2. Predator Vantage SOLD - 3/8x10 - 90-95% condition - Kamui Black...
  14. AcuraHeel

    OB (carbon) Fusion Shaft

    Test Hit Shaft For Sale!!! It has less than 30 balls hit with it. It’s the new shaft that has carbon inserted in the middle. * 12.8 mm * 3/8x10 w/ black collar * Kamui black medium tip * white ferrule They’re selling for over $400 shipped. I’ll take: $250 shipped
  15. AcuraHeel

    Predator Vantage Shaft 3/8x10

    This shaft was used as a test shaft. It's 95% with Kamui Black Medium tip. $250.00 shipped
  16. AcuraHeel

    Tiger Ultra X LD 3/8x10 w/ Black Collar

    It's brand new in the container. I need to get it sold. -12.75 -29" SOLD
  17. AcuraHeel

    Predator Vantage Shaft 3/8x10

    I'm selling a Predator shaft used one night. It's 95% with a new Kamui Black medium tip $220 shipped.. I will get a better picture on here
  18. AcuraHeel

    ***NEW*** Tiger Ultra X LD 3/8 x 10 shaft

    I bought an extra shaft that I don't need. It's brand new in the tube. -3x8 x 10 -black collar -12.75 **pics coming tonight** $150 shipped OBO
  19. AcuraHeel

    Wrapless Sugartree

    Selling this for a friend. He needs this sold ASAP!! Ebony forearm and butt, with Narra, and gorgeous Narra micro rings! It is an absolute beauty, and it plays as well as it looks! Come with two shafts, with joint protectors. Butt weight: 16.3 oz. adjustable Shaft 1: 3.72 oz, 12.78 mm, Kamui...
  20. AcuraHeel

    Titlist House Cue

    Hi I'm looking for an Ebony or PurpleHeart Titlist.... Thanks, George