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  1. foxcues

    Looking for Hager cases

    What`s out there.I have a couple already but possibly interested in more.
  2. foxcues

    wtb woodworth break/jump with eucaliptus shaft

    pm me if you have one and the price/woods.thanks
  3. foxcues

    ATTENTION Lee Brett and anyone on facebook

    Last week I had someone email me and say I had a Ashley Madison account(which I don`t) and they told me they were going to ruin my life and they now controlled my facebook page and if I didn`t pay them 5 bit coins(whatever the hell that is) I would be sorry. It was in my spam folder and I...
  4. foxcues

    Lomax 60 inch,woodworth break jump w/eucaliptus shaft,volturi 4x8 for sale

    I have quit playing pool and have decided to sell my playing cues and case.I`m keeping my high end collector cues(for now). I will be putting these on ebay also but would rather sell to someone on here. The Lomax cue is ebony and tulip wood,4 point,leather wrap and has 1 predator shaft and 1...
  5. foxcues

    How about a game of 10 pocket

    Ever seen one of these.
  6. foxcues

    flying with a cue

    I`m fling out on new years eve to go home for a few days.I called American airlines yesterday and ask about carrying a cue as a carryon.I explained the cue is very expensive(over $10k) and I didn`t want to ship it or check it as baggage. she checked with her supervisor and was told that as long...
  7. foxcues

    Looking for a 314/314 2 or possibly a Z or z2 radial 29 or 30 inches

    Prefer 30 inches with silver ring.
  8. foxcues

    Looking for a tulip wood or tulip/ebony break/jump

    Let me know what you got
  9. foxcues

    fake scruggs ebay?

    buyer beware. Look close at the ts.
  10. foxcues

    Scruggs,2 diveneys and a jb case

    Rather than bump my previous threads tonight i decided to start a new thread with all the cues,weights,shaft sizes and new prices. Scruggs 4 point,birdseye/ebony with maple,light orange,red and black veneers,leather wrap. Butt is 16.10 oz and shafts are 4.5 and 3.7 oz andboth are 12.3 mm where...
  11. foxcues

    Diveney 4 point leather 2 shafts ivory inlays i think

    This is another cue i bought lastnight. It a 06 cue and is in good shape .im traveling so it the same as the scruggs i dont know weight or exact shaft diameter.i believe this is around 19/20 oz and shafts are around 13 mm+/-. Cue has g10 pin and is a 3/8 pitch not radial.i believe the inlays are...
  12. foxcues

    Scruggs 4 point 2 shafts leather

    I got it from the original owner.Cue is in good condition and has leather has a 3/8 pin and has ivory ferrules. I'm not sure if the buttcap is ivory(i got the cue lastnight) i am currently traveling so i dont have a scale or calipers with me. The cue is around 19/20 oz i believe and the...
  13. foxcues

    JB tooled leather case

    I decided to sell this is in good conditiojn and will hold up to 3 butts and 6 shafts. It has the ultra interior. Pictures show condition. It has the side pouch for a jump handle and a shelf in the top pocket for chalk. Cash only no trades. Looking for $550 shipped very nice case
  14. foxcues

    Ebony lomax jump cue. fs. like new and a Dan Heinrich jump/break

    like new ebony lomax jump cue. NO PAYPAL lomax not for trade only the jump/break. Soldcash if picked up(I`m currently in dallas texas) or soldshipped in the conus. NO PAYPAL. The jump/break is wrapless and in good condition. It was made for Bucky Souventhong. I got it from him. The cue is...
  15. foxcues

    Tournaments around Dallas Texas

    Im in dallas now and would like play in some local tournaments. Interested in 9/ 10 ball big table or barbox. Im in the desoto area but will travel. Thanks
  16. foxcues

    Tournaments around Alexandria va

    Im going to be in the area for a few weeks and would like to know places to play and tournaments.thanks
  17. foxcues

    Atlanta area tournaments.

    I may be in the atlanta area soon and was curious if there are any 9 ball tournaments during the week or weekends bar table or big table. Thanks
  18. foxcues

    Assortment of lathe tooling.Best offer by tues.midnight eastern time gets it

    These are tooling I have left over.I sold my big lathe and don`t need them anymore. Pm offers.Best offer by midnight eastern time tuesday april 2nd gets them. Shipping will be $12 paypal gift(Check my feedback) or add 4% and I will ship priority mail on the day of payment or next morning if...
  19. foxcues

    Newest Nit Wear shirts

    I have these shirts in large,xlarge,2x and 3x. A shirts are available in blac,white,red and carolina blue. The shirts are $18 each or 2 for $30 plus $4 shipping I will have all of these at the white diamonds tournament so if your going you can save the shipping.
  20. foxcues

    Rick Howard 6 Point/Tulipwood and Ebony

    I recently got this cue in a trade.Its in good condition. The butt weighs 15.65 oz The shafts weigh 3.70 and 3.75 and are around 12.75mm(my battery is dead in my digital calipers) Cue is straight (both shafts have minimal hi/lo I would say a credit card thickness at most but probaly less) I...